Colbert on DeVos: She 'admitted that she hasn't really done her job'


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  • CrowdedPond

    The basis of DeVos' life is being a dimwit and catering to dimwits. Amway feeds off dimwits and Betsy obviously has the intellect of a paper weight. If Devos wasn't born into money, I could imagine she'd be living in a mobile home park in Louisiana.

  • MAGreenA

    Trump doesn't care. He wants ineffectual people who don't have the experience they need heading education, Dept of Interior, and EPA. He wants the agencies weakened to the point of elimination. DeVos is great for that job in the education category in Trump's eyes.

  • OliverWendellSr

    Betsy DeVoid got that job solely due to her wallet.
    Touting the scores of charter schools, which can expel undesirables and deny admission to Special Ed kids, is exactly her kind of book-cooking.
    Like tRumpus, too cowardly to visit troubled areas.

  • Nearl45 5

    Worse than the Palin interview

  • jon rhodes

    As a teacher of 39 years I am extremely embarrassed to have this woman represent our efforts to offer quality schools and education for our children. She bought her way into the position and her ineptitude is glaring.

  • Sonora Nomad

    The American public school system, providing a free education for all, is responsible for this country's greatness. This system works well, but as the old saying goes, you get out of it what you put into it. Kick it to the gutter and you have a gutter system. Support it and you have a superb system.

    As for Betsy DeVos...paraphrasing Agent J again..."What the hell happened to you, America?"...
    (Agent J probably gonna be askin' that question a lot between now and 2020.)

  • justamom

    Her interview was so pathetic, it was actually painful to watch. I knew she was unqualified but didn't know she was that stupid.

  • Billy Bob Smith

    Why is anyone surprised? This is what you get when you put a rich socialite Trump crony into a powerful position. Way out of her league.

  • Pollopa

    This is serious, it's about the education of our children. Really our government has established the ability over it's 200 years to at least have some semblance of investigating and coming up with better ways of doing things as the world changes around us. They may not be quick about it, but these administration officials are important to help give the direction and drive for the change needed. When you have people put as heads of these departments that have no desire to actually help improve, but have an agenda to make it worse, the outcome is dysfunctional. This is actually what tRump wants, and what his idiot followers believe. Break it, break our government. Make people believe what you've been saying that government is bad by actually making it bad. Forget the 100's of years of the building of this great nation. It's their belief that you have to tear it all down and make it into a new image of their beliefs where oligarch's, autocrats and the Christian religion rule. Destroying the public access to education is the long goal of having a populace not able to distinguish the importance and subtleties of the first amendment while ramming the bastardized version of the second amendment down your throat.

  • adamrussell

    Proving out what we have said all along. Just a sycophant that got the job by kissing up. Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Erwin Schrodinger

    Hmmm, so students at charter schools that are getting all the money are doing better than the public schools who are having their budgets cut... this is proof her system works?

    Watched the interview... not qualified to be the junior person on a small rural school board, let alone the Secretary of Education. Except for the qualification of her bank account of course... and whatever her brother and his Blackwater firm has on Trump.

  • Nowthatsinteresting

    I find it interesting how Democrats and liberals get their news from a comedy show.

    I thought they professed they were "intellectuals" rather than part of the "HeHaw" crowd.

  • Marie4933X6

    DeVos was put in place to push her pet project of charter schools. That is it. To make public school education better, make any school safer, ensure teachers have an advocate....none of that matters to the single-minded DeVos. Only that religion, through charter schools, can once again take over our educational system.