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  • jon rhodes

    Secretary Mattis better keep his ears open for the sound of Trump's shoe closing in on his butt.

  • ArghONaut

    Matthis is next in line for being Mr How Long.

  • Red Hawk

    That country has been in a Civil War for over 40 years, time for US to stop using the lives of our soldiers to maintain a false status quo

  • Lance

    Right out of the movie "The Kingdom".

  • Oak Kay

    Wonder if he has a pink slip waiting for him when he back in Washington???

  • James Coletrane

    is this war ever going to be over?

  • lavendula38

    Mr. Mattis, don't say anything against Russia while you are in Afghanistan or you might be next in the White House revolving door.

  • Winston Jones, Model Citizen

    We need protracted wars, without goals, with relatively weak countries...and oh look...That's what we have. These wars are so important to the Democrat and Republican party that we are not likely to get truth on the situation for 30 years.

    We don't have issues with confessing to having done bad things 30 years ago.

  • jon rhodes

    The American people could save some money if Tillerson would stop by on his way home and give Mattis a lift as well. Can the Secretary of Defense be far behind in the Trump administrative blood letting? It's heartening to know that our president knows more then the Generals and that none of our diplomats really make a difference, as only he, Trump, has the insight and power to do anything effective.

  • ruelph

    This sounds a lot like the peace with honor policy of 1972 in Vietnam, which ended with North Vietnam defeating South Vietnam in 1975.