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  • KlintzDisqus

    Genetically-modified organisms (GMOs)

    Look at your dog curled up in the corner of your living room, the variegated flowers blooming in your garden, and just about any domesticated animal or houseplant in existence...

    All of them modified through selective breeding. Genetic manipulation on a worldwide scale.

    Heck, even humans have been genetically/selectively bred throughout recorded history.

  • Onetaxpayer

    Monsanto has set the standard on who can you the seeds they provide. They won a suit against a farmer for using that some of Monsanto seeds that was blown over by the wind to a field that provided seed to other farmers. The firm received compensation for what the wind did. Any one providing a unique seed for sale should not be able to profit by actions of mother nature that are natural.
    GMOs have not had long term studies to determine what happens with extended use. With out the studies the companies will use the standard excuse that they have no evidence that the GMO's are a health hazard. They need to prove it before it is induced in to the food chain.

  • QuestionAuth

    Monsanto, you're next

  • linmarco

    Truth be told most of us don't know what were ingesting into our bodies. I'll be doing some organic gardening in a few weeks. I'm not sure that what I'm sold as non chemical is really that. I hope so but I'm on the verge
    of believing only what I find out on my own. These large companies are the monsters in the woods. I venture a guess that they own most of the world's legislatures with an exception or two and I could be wrong there.

  • AwfHand

    I think we just need to use more Brawndo. It's got electrolytes.

  • 777abc

    The truth? We should never have been subsidizing corn in the first place. Now we have corn syrup in everything we put in our mouths and everyone is overweight. The government essentially paid corn farmers to make Americans fat and unhealthy.

  • tj

    I find it interesting that China would reject anything approved for use in other industrialized nations. Yet they provide false stories and attempt cover-ups when they export substandard and/or down right dangerous products for the rest of us to purchase.

  • TexasVulcan

    Most of the anti-GMO rhetoric is not based on science.

  • Dwight Francis david

    Corporate farming hurt farmers finally a win now sue Monsanto for oh let's say destroying seed lineages

  • wilmers13

    Big business has a certain reputation for a reason.