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  • Wry Grin

    Pennsylvania uses some of the worst paperless electronic "voting" systems in the country. If the torture-loving old fascist beats the popular candidate, it'll be because of rigging.

  • Ward Cleaver

    You sure he said "steel and business", and not "stealing business"? I mean, he is not necessarily known as an honest businessman.

  • jon rhodes

    I am shocked to watch the typical Republican line up behind this fraudulent, incompetent, immoral, loud mouth president. If a writer wished to create a character that all thinking people would reject, it would be Trump. But his followers are simply steeped in denial. Even Trump's favorite pastor came out the other day and actually said that all of Trump's sexual dalliances are "irrelevant." He didn't mention the many women who have accused him of inappropriate sexual advances. Does this good pastor also believe these personally hurtful experiences are also irrelevant? Not only is Trump a disgusting person, even his spiritual spokesmen is disgusting. What a team.

  • RZC

    Lamb will win most likely , Trump just doesn't get it or does but won't accept the fact that he IS NOT HELPFULL to these candidates since he is the most disliked POTUS and even person ever it appears .

  • Lee Thompson

    The upcoming elections, whether primaries, special elections or the November mid-term election, are about our democracy. The Republican controlled congress has abdicated their constitutional duty in 'checking' over-reach of power. We need to remove Republicans of control of at least one house of congress.

  • Top shelf

    That woman's comments equating lobsters with a woman's freedom of choice shows the typically clueless mindset of a Trump Republican.

  • linmarco

    Elections in this country have become a hoot. They are nothing more than three ring circuses with elephants, mules, and audiences of millions. H.L Mencken once made a statement about both major parties. He said in essence each of them accuses the other of being comprised of thieves, hucksters, dunces, and idiots and they were both right.

  • tstorm

    Trump. Turning America back 300 years......

  • Ward Cleaver

    Don't be fooled by the "Chicken Little" sky is falling rhetoric from the mouth of trump.

    I am banking on the fine people of Pennsylvania being smarter than that.

  • dottycharlesbanks

    Lamb sounds like a Blue Dog Democrat, which means he will vote with Republicans more often than with Democrats. It was Blue Dog Democrats that stopped former President Obama from getting a lot of his agenda completed. A Lamb victory will not be a Democratic victory.

  • BD70

    Not all democrats are liberals just like not all republicans are extreme right wingers.

  • 2soon2b4got10

    Look, and I don't mean this in a flippant way, I'm actually serious - why does anyone pay attention to anything Donald Trump says? Last night was a fine example. He went overboard about himself... so much so that many people felt that he was overcompensating for being the abject failure that he is up upon the world stage.

    I get that he's the president, but the words that come out of his mouth are so often lies, fabrications, self-aggrandizement, conspiracy theories or childish attacks that finding actual intent is impossible. Even if Trump actually believes something he might say, he could easily believe the opposite hours or days later.

    People need to grasp a basic truth about Trump: He speaks not with the intent of informing, his words are chosen for their impact. When Trump makes a statement, the veracity of his words does not enter into the equation. He is completely untethered to truth.

    He says things to garner attention, and then basks in the attention when he watches the reaction on television later. For decades he has been motivated by attention. Now, as president, he is the constant recipient of the world's attention. The only reasonable reaction is to ignore what he says and respond only to what he does.

  • TexasVulcan

    As I've said before, it will take large turnouts among women and minorities to flip a district from red to blue.

  • ChrisSnyder60

    Is weird how people vote on a single issue (guns or abortion) and are clueless about high-end/corp tax cuts and what the debt can do to the nation. Mitch Daniels called it the New Red (ink) Enemy, and Trump whips these people up to where they don't even think about it after adding a projected $10T in seven years. A Republican could sell the country to Russia and these people would be okay with it as long as they can keep AR-15s and the politician outlaws abortion.