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  • Sam Osborne

    We already have the digital age of health care in this country via the fickle-finger-of-fate stuck up ours by the private-health-care branch of the hoarders of the nation's wealth that Trump is a part of. Long ago our nation should have moved to universal health care as a part of Social Security that runs on a totally administrative cost of less than 1%---compared to the private-health-insurance scam that rakes 30% off of the cost of actual health care, rations what care is available and impedes and complicates the delivery of professional medical services by the health-care community.

  • Top shelf

    "It's all about the cyber, cyber is very important ..." Or some such sewage that Trump once uttered. Anyone who thinks Trump cares about the cost of health care for any Americans other than the One Percent is fooling themselves.

  • Banned Squirrel

    The biggest issue with healthcare isn’t accessibility to plans or patient data it’s the cost of services,treatments, and prescriptions. Unless we find a way to regulate price controls nothing else matters. P.s. single payer alone won’t fix prices with the power lobbyists have in congress.

  • John Michael Davis

    I'm sick of this garbage, we want the health care plan he ran on, the one that covers everybody and is much cheaper than the ACA! Where the heck is it Mr. Trump??

  • whitepine

    How about money to educate and increase the number of doctors and nurses?

  • 40acre

    -----Azar says he intends to use an agency created under Obama — the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation — to spur change.-----

    Shouldn't have said anything, Azar. Now that Trump knows about it he will certainly end it. know.....Obama.....

  • notagain

    More of Trump "I'm gonna". While trying to push cuts to medicare and medicaid and repeal ACA. sigh

  • TexasVulcan

    I like some of these proposals, but for the most part I don't see this helping to insure more people or bring costs down very much.

  • Joe james


  • Jrducky

    Typical Trump, speaking out of both sides of his mouth!!!