Trump's military parade: No tanks but period uniforms and aircraft


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  • GuyApplesauce

    So he basically put a theme on a parade that happens anyways.

    He's a glorified party planner.

  • inonepeice

    Somebody is going to get RICH making "period" uniforms for Trump's military parade.

  • Simone James

    Serious question... Are democrats embarrassed to be democrats...? I am embarrassed for them... I know many that are military veterans and hard workers, but now when I see them, I can only think of them as transgender advocates and illegal immigrant conspirators...

  • Thomas

    "But Mom! Kim gets to have a parade, why can't I? It's not fair!"

  • Joe Mac Pherson

    There are vast multitudes of U.S. citizens in hurricane devastated Puerto Rico, still without adequate electricity, safe drinking and bathing water, heat, housing, food supplies. Ten to thirty million dollars would make a significant, beneficial impact on their lives. Instead, Trump insists on a military parade. For a single day, lasting 2 - 3 hours, maximum. I guess Puerto Rico is feeling truly forgotten, with no sign of hope. Cadet Bones Spurs has other priorities on his mind, like the details of 18th, 19th, 20th Century U.S. uniforms. Nothing like a big extravaganza, for Trump!

  • Prophet With Honor

    As a combat veteran, son of a combat veteran, and father of a combat veteran, I am saddened by this ineffectual fool stealing from those who served.

  • Jason Walker

    My God I hate ABC News so much.

    My, how soon we forget this is the United States of America and President Donald J. Trump is the Commander In Chief of the United States Armed Forces.

    Forgive me, all ye who think it is perfectly fine for the Democratic Party to laud Barack Obama with Greek columns while the Clintons fleeced Haiti, but President Trump is the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    The United States President has every right, ability and duty to place on display the capabilities of the United States military for his own review, our nation's pride in a major component of free society, and as a distinct reminder that we are also capable of a bit of pomp and circumstance relative to the most prepared team on the planet.

    It's great to sit at the coffee shop and muse on Twitter your hatred of this president, each syllable a reminder you have forgotten why he was elected. And that's fine.

    This is not "Trump's Parade" it is America's review of her standing forces. It's a shame you hate him, and them.

  • Realpshep

    Trump knows didley squat about paying the price for freedom. His check bounced FIVE times.

  • John W Wirtanen

    Maybe he'll get some souvenir toy battleships to float in his bathtub. Then, he can really be in the Armed Forces.

  • Carla O'Neal

    All people should boycott the orange clowns narcissistic parade. I sure as hell won't watch it

  • Mr. Coconut XII

    No tanks! Bummer!
    Thanks again Obama.

  • Solanum

    Of all the things we could spend $10-30 million on, a parade should be the last thing considered.

  • Annie

    A ridiculas waste of money. Boycott this nonsense. :(

  • SeattleWashOne

    What a waste of money. Which is not surprising on Trump's part. If they need to spend $30 million, then spend it on health care treatment for veterans. That would be much more useful.

  • Ace Duncan

    Missiles? There must be missiles. North Korea has missiles.

  • JBump

    It would be great if all the troops affected a limp for this. Like the limp caused by bone spurs.

  • JBump

    there will be tanks. no way does trump skip the tanks - no way

  • atta boy

    1st he adds $ trillions to the debt in tax breaks trying to get popular yet he still has the lowest approval rating ever, another 3 years would be a total disaster.
    why don't the news stations tell the truth ? he's a cheater, chronic liar, physcopath,
    con artist, dead beat, many other traits no one would ever want their son to be,
    our allies don't trust us now having a crazy mad man in charge,
    he's a total disgrace to the human race.

  • Wrecking Ball

    Hopefully Trump does the trucks with the huge rockets on the back, so he can reclaim the "Rocket Man" title. He needs this, to compensate for the small wang.

  • Wrecking Ball

    This is about Trump, not vets.

  • 40words

    Several reports are out this month that the opioid epidemic has multiplied under Trump. Yet, Trump, who dodged the draft 5 times, insists on throwing a $30 Million dollar military parade for himself.

  • stamped human bacon

    Boycott the parade... this vet plans to.

  • Lee Thompson

    Another point in proof that Trump, and his cabinet and department heads, think the taxpayer is made of money. It's the middle class and working poor who will pay for this entertainment for Trump.

  • Erwin Schrodinger

    As long as they all salute Trump repeatedly he can forego the tanks.

  • Herron

    I wonder if Trump understand that by ordering a parade for himself, he's dishonoring the military.

    Will he again just claim "well, they knew what they were getting into"

    Will he bar any POWs from being there as the only military he likes are the ones who don't get caught?



  • janie126

    Disgraceful Trump. Lock him up!

  • 40words

    Sad that a sitting US presidential administration, under investigation for treasonous activity, whose president dodged the draft 5 times, who has never done anything for our vets or military, who has also hurled insults at POWs wants his own very expensive military parade.

    It all comes back to his very fragile ego.