Analysis: The math behind Democrats' quest to win Pennsylvania special election


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  • MickC

    "Democrats and Republicans alike have been pouring money into the next
    special election that takes place Tuesday in Pennsylvania’s 18th
    Congressional district."
    This is misleading. The GOP, PACs, and outside groups whose donors may have never set foot in Pennsylvania have contributed $10.6M to Saccone, far more than all other contributions to both candidates combined. Locally, Lamb has received twice as much in contributions as Saccone.

  • Blue Wave

    Almost time for the daily Sarah Huckabee Tap Dance show!

  • ItsOnlyaFleshWound

    Please keep in mind that Lamb is pro-guns and pro-life, plus supports Trump's tariffs on steel. He's in effect a DINO (Dem In Name Only) much like Gov. Northam in VA (voted for GWB twice).

  • sixstrings

    i guess there will be an article tomorrow outlining the math for the GOP to win?

  • Betty Bloop

    new monmouth poll which has an A+ rating has lamb at 51% much for trump's rally. it'll be interesting to see if trump turns out to be the kiss of death during the mid-terms.

  • DEM-Castballot

    Polls,which Republicans say don't matter since the Russians were their friends and can change the polls, show the Democrat ahead.

  • FlorMedDoc

    CBS newsmagazine "60 Minutes" taped an interview with Stormy that will air next week

    She now has 10 backers who have said they will pay any fines or legal fees she incurs because of her speaking out about Trump.

  • Skipping

    I grew up in this part of the country, use to be Democratic strong hold, times have changed, couldn’t begin to say who will win, it’s that close.

  • Arkansaw

    I wonder if there are enough Evangelicals in Pennsy for the split in their ranks to affect the election. Probably not, it isn't the South. Or the Midwest.

  • AtomicDog1

    andrea mitchell is getting painful to listen to