Campaigns cry foul in national Democrats' interference in key House races


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  • Brian 9876

    Comparisons to the Tea Party a few years ago is relevant. Tea Party candidates won some, but also lost some that normal Republican would have won. The results were both more Tea Partiers AND Democrats in Congress. The Democrat's left wing of the party could achieve the same fate. It appears that the Democrat party bosses have their finger in the mix again. It didn't work out so good for the presidential election. We will see how it works in these mid terms.

  • Pondering It

    The Democratic Party is being confronted by its worst nightmare - democracy. They are working overtime to try to protect their fixed system while convincing voters that it is somehow a good thing. Notice that party leaders declared that they want to address the "perceived influence" of insiders rather than the actual influence of insiders.

  • Nowthatsinteresting

    I would not want to belong to a party who wants their voters to vote like lemmings.

    If I enjoyed a Russian style election I would move there. This is what the Democrat party is moving towards. Putin uses nerve gas. The DNCC uses opposition research on up and coming candidates.

  • Mr. Smith

    Fight fire with fire, I say. It's past time the Democratic party took it to the right with the same dirty lowdown tactics Republicans have been using for decades.

  • tj

    Infighting and posturing amongst members of the same party is what's fractured the GOP into extremists groups. Democrats should not make the same mistake, and the DCCC needs to step back and let the party evolve. They need to be mindful of staying true to what's right for the nation, and taking back control from the party of thieves.

  • flnycus

    The USA is a young country. What we are seeing is the need for 4 parties now. GOP, DNC, a liberal party lead by progressives like bernie and a far right facist one, a populist one lead by trump. The GOP and DNC are scared because they both dont want to plit their party and are trying to keep extremes within each party on side, which isnt working. The funny thing is, if the DNC went more liberal, they would infact attract more of the vote, the majority of the country is more liberal thinking, the hillary thing, turned people off and many didnt bother to vote which cost them the election. They are making the same arrogrant decisions now and this could well get trump in for a second term. Yes, as much as i hate that, it could happen if they repeat the same crap again.

  • The Outlier

    Buck the DNC, replace Dem centrists with true progressives then kick DNC leadership to the moderate fringes of the GOP where they belong. The Dems in DC are represented by some real inept-seeming clowns and bank apologists. We need STRONG leadership around an ideals-driven resistance.

  • Bill Toone

    Sanders was not and is not a Democrat. If you want someone like Sanders, FIND ONE in the Democratic Party. Someone younger. But just crying over the past isn't going to help. Dividing the Sanders/Clinton voters is another Russian scam. Don't fall for it.