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  • Curmudgeon

    I saw Congresscritter Cruz from Florida make the most honest assessment of this childish debate when he noted that NONE of the proposed gun laws or "violence policies" (to rename it according to some NPR report this morning) would really do anything to prevent school shootings. France's gun laws sure didn't prevent terrorists from smuggling illegal full-autos into that country and murdering hundreds. This miscreant had such plans on his mind for months, more than a year? Like the Norway killer, PLENTY of time to travel around and buy up or steal or cap a cop to get some firepower. Or even acquire the skills and metals to make his own.

    As a people, we need to accept the reality that occasionally bad actor act badly. They don't act badly every minute of the year. But once you accept that fact, you will be more willing to have public and private resources in place to quickly and without apology apply lethal force to stop the attack. Remember the free speech parade in Texas that radical Muslims tried to attack? That has slipped from some factions' collective memories because the attackers were stopped before racking up a huge body count.

    Interesting how the Ft. Bragg mass shooting in the fall of 1995 was stopped by an Army Major who led an UNARMED ad hoc task force up the hill and into the trees to confront and stop the shooter. Only one died that day, but it was not the mentally disturbed shooter. His acquaintance tried to warn the CO of that the day before but the specific threat was dismissed and ignored because the manly sergeant thought the shooter was too much of a sissy to actually do it.

    In all instances, the evildoers had their weapons weeks, months, or years before acting on their evil impulses or long-standing plans, so please shut up about waiting periods.

  • terry bigler

    what has bothered me since it started was the unending attempt to make us controllable through fear,every day some new boogie man lands on our door step,,started off during the 50s with a commie under every bush,,now it neigbhborhood child moesting car jackers who abuse women and plot social unrest through fraud and out someone will scan your credit cards,take your laundry,let their foreign dog poop on your lawn,,stop it,,go way i'm not so much frightened as annoyed and miffed that you think i'd fall for it,,get a real job,,here's a little piece of history for ya,,"I pretty much mind my own business but if ya mess with me,I'll jump down yor throat with muh spurs on and rake ya from tonsil to toenail" thank you Gabby Hayse

  • terry bigler

    in typical governmental action the "authorities" will try to tie thes kid to any and everysplinter group they can find or make up on the spot..How about this the kid was broken from the start and the action just followed suit. Why,,is the million dollar question,but if you go to statistics ther are numbers of sociopaths in any population. That is a fact and your touchie feely ,all one world conscious has to figure that out,,same as there are suicidal people around and you never know who will act out. In a sense it is establishing your permanent place in an inpermanent world,,sort of flash and burn out.of course that's a guess on my part and kids don't always look ahead to see the consequences of their actions.This guy fits in the big picture but he only occupies a few frames..So blame anything you choose all is equally valid and not valid at the same time..However that being said it make me wonder just why anyone "needs" a gun like the one he used.I am a sportsman and hunter,I have firearms and have had them since I could legally get them,but also have undying respect for my fellow citizens,,,this person lacked that,and acted accordingly....How do you stop it,,you can't,,how do you spot it,well if you look closely there are signs,but you gotta pay attention. When I left the military I had no need for weapons of war,and neither should anyone else...These are not hunting guns, they serve one purpose,,and anyone in their right mind does not "need" one,,,you want and can afford them,which is why only people of financial substance can buy one,,I'm not afraid of the gun,I'm afraid of the guy who has one and doesn't have any respect for human life..It boils down to an object giving you some sort of elevated status based on possession. As far as the "hunting" argument,,they are lousy items for that purpose and anyone who says that is a bald faced liar...and a paraniod one to boot.I fully support the second ammendment as written,,but people have to apply some common sense here.Hunting game is personal ,,shooting unarmed peers is not..not logical,not fair ,not right..once done,,you can't call it back

  • iisac Abraham

    The Germans that gave up their guns sure looked civil, especially when they cranked up their ovens.
    The Russians who gave up their guns looked civil as 23 million looked civil right up until they took a government round in the back of the head.
    The Chinese sure looked civil as well I think it was about 65 million that Mao murdered that were the most civil of all.
    If you don't want to live in nation where people have the rights to defend themselves through the use of firearms, there are a lot of other countries on the planet. It's kind of like how California legalized marijuana if you don't want to be in a state with a bunch of stoners there are other state, if you want to be in a state with stoners well there's that as well. It's the reasoning for the tenth amendment...not every state has to be exactly the same
    And not every country has to be exactly the same.

  • Jason

    ABC, this has been debunked. You need to quit spreading propaganda before someone gets killed. If someone commits another attack, because they think this monster acted on race, it's on you. If it happens, I will be contacting victims families to let them know where part of the culpability lies.

  • Very Stable Genius

    ABC will you retract this story now since it was a LIE?