Advocacy group highlights 18 cases of gunfire at US schools so far this year


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  • America Firster

    Chris Murphy who ran off to Israel during the election in his initial run for Senate. He's real trustworthy

  • jakester

    18 shootings this year from a non profit group? That's a blatant lie. Don't you people do any research or do you just make up whatever serves your agenda. Totally lost ALL credibility when you open with a totally false narrative.

  • MrNico

    Stop spreading lies! More like three school shootings. Still too many, but nothing like 18. A suicide doesn't count, even if it's on school property. A bullet hitting a building does not count. A broken window does not count.

  • sjc_1

    Let's DO something to stop the shootings, not just TALK about it!

  • Harry McNicholas

    Some people have pointed out to me that El Paso, Texas has a fairly low homicide rate which is true. It is a fluke in Texas. All the other large cities have high homicide rates. This includes Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. I checked with some other cities where guns rule. Phoenix high homicide rate. I was even shocked with Omaha. Omaha? Omaha also has the distinction of having the second highest homicide rate for Black people. I did not even know there were Black people in Omaha. What you find in Texas is that towns and cities along the border have lower homicide rates than those further inland, that includes El Paso. So much for that wall.

  • Brian 9876

    It looks to me that ABC may have changed the headline to the story from yesterday. I believe the headline yesterday was "18 school shootings this year". Now the headline reads "Advocacy group highlights 18 cases of gunfire at US schools so far this year". This headline is still a bit of an exaggeration but is a lot closer to the truth.

  • jboh

    Now you know why nra puppets in DC keep saying it's too soon to discuss the issue. It happens too often to ever be long enough.

  • jboh

    GOP will never give up NRA bribes, oh excuse me, campaign contributions. That's why they protect gun makers at the public's expense. Hey GOP, start putting the safety of 300 million Americans ahead of protecting your millions of NRA dollars.

  • Harry McNicholas

    David. Maybe the reason for the lower homicide rate in El Paso compared to Dallas is that El Paso has a majority who are Hispanic. Dallas majority is white.You also did not consider that NYC rate has been dropping since they put in strict gun control. It used to be like that of Dallas

  • Robert Lawbla

    I see no mention of the inaccurate criteria used to arrive at this number. Per the Washington Post on 2/15/18
    "Just five of Everytown’s 18 school shootings listed for 2018 happened during school hours and resulted in any physical injury".
    I do agree that five incidents is too many but don't inflate the numbers to advance an agenda.

  • Sophia Jackson

    Typical inflated statistics done by those advocating ridding all guns. Very typical. And the one claiming 30?? That's just outright lying.

  • Jeff R Miller

    This story is fake news. The headline on the internet search i did said "There have already been 18 school shootings in the US this year ...", then the actually story changes it to "gun incidences". That's dishonest and agenda driven, which is why I stopped watching MSM.