Florida school shooting survivors speak out: 'There were bullet holes everywhere'


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  • GruntDoc68

    Very important here that we make sure to blame the gun, the knife, the bomb, the car ramming into crowds because by doing that Americans don't have to take any kind of personal responsibility ....the 'item/weapon' did it. I have yet to see a car drive itself into a crowd, a bomb set itself off, a knife just jump off the kitchen counter and go stab someone or even a gun pull it's own trigger. Look at what American parents have raised...a bunch of kids who need 'comfort hamsters', a shrink, pills to cope and all the while they can just 'blame' something else for their own woes so they don't have to be responsible. Politicians and churches inspire division and 'I'm better than you'....parents don't do squat to correct their kids because OMG....they may not like it. Parents expect schools to raise their kids so they don't have to..... It all boils down to human actions causing this....not any kind of weapon but oh how America likes to shove off the blame to someone or something else. Our kids are raised to be selfish, self seeking wimps who run to a pill, gun, terror or something else when they can't 'cope' and here we have kids playing video games filled with violence and death and even parents sitting down with them to play. How do Americans look at themselves without being disgusted with what they have raised? Parents are responsible here..and so are the people....it's called 'personal responsibility' but God help anyone if they have to look in a mirror and do that. Kids used to have to work to earn things but not now. Can't cope? Okay...get a gun, bomb, therapist or just take a pill and escape.
    Pitiful what America has become.

  • PeterMcC

    If you'll allow someone from the UK to comment on this dreadful event — for which all involved have my deepest sympathy — we have very different regulations on guns and we have only ever had one school shooting in the UK. It took place twenty two years ago in Dunblane and sixteen children died. The issues are complex and I wouldn't necessarily say that it's all down to legislation but there may be something in there that is worth exploring.

  • Harrison2253

    Here we go with the guns again. If its not guns it will be knives, swords, bombs or a fast moving vehicle plowing into crowds of students. The results will be the same just a different method. These mentally deranged people will find a way to inflict harm on a grand scale. Shift the focus to the "why" not the "how"

  • TeaPartyCitizen

    We don't want Kim Jung Il to have nuclear weapons so we should not allow citizens to have AR-15's AK-47. etc We allow our kids to die so that a bunch of cowards can feel safe.

  • bgolds

    We need to deal with this the same way we deal with terrorism and illegal immigration.

    Provide super-duper extra-powerful thoughts and extra-special prayers.

  • Sam NotImportant

    We need 60 senator democrats to change law controls, that s gonna take another 6 yrs, if ever happened.

  • bgolds

    Price of freedom, folks.

    Nothing to see here.

    Probably crisis actors hired to act like they were shot.

  • chaos_in_ashland

    You can pray... but that won't help this.

    You can arm the teachers... but that won't stop this.

    We're afraid to take on the gun culture, yet that WILL prevent more deaths.

    This kid had no business obtaining a gun, let alone an AR-15. The gun laws allowed this, and the gun laws are in the bloody hands of the GOP.

    I want my kid to live. Vote the GOP out.


    I thought that after Sandy Hook, the local police were patrolling the campus of local schools along with armed police officers at every school.

    The person that shot up this school was 19, I thought that you had to be the age of majority, 21, to be able to purchase a gun. How did this person get the gun and who helped him, I am sure that will come out.

    Maybe its time to start the internet schooling for High School children and work out way down gradually until every child is getting their education at home.

  • Jason

    The solution is to arm every teacher with a fully automatic AK47, require that all children wear bulletproof vests to school, and have fully-armed security guards patrolling school grounds 24-7.

    C'mon America. Guns aren't the problem.

  • ramaraksha01 .

    This is why Hinduism teaches Reincarnation - the Warrior faith. God needs you down here to put a stop to such horrific events, risk your life. You CAN run away, go hide in Heaven - seems a nice retirement home for those who quit on life, for the weak. But if you want to lead humanity to a Star Wars future, colonize the galaxy, you must be down here. The weak shall inherit Heaven, Life on Earth is for the Strong, the Warrior

  • briteleaf

    America's lobbyists OWN our congress. I can't buy a firecracker in my state because they are "TOO DANGEROUS FOR THE PUBLIC". However, I can buy a semi-automatic, military weapon that folds in half for easy concealment, with a bump stock to make it into a machine gun. I can buy one even if I'm on the No-Fly watch list WITHOUT A BACKGROUND CHECK. Congress didn't do anything to change things even when a classroom of little kids were slaughtered. They are not going to do anything to change the availability of these assault weapons. The media will play it long and hard because if it bleeds, it leads. It will sell more of whatever drug that the pharmaceutical corporation that is dominating prime time tv commercials wants to sell. Nothing will change. The media glorifies it for profit.

  • milolewis

    Maybe it's time to have security guards at school .. We can't stop this from happening .. but maybe we can make it harder for someone to do it .