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  • anonymot

    I broke out laughing when I read the article. I was a specialist in catastrophe claims when this little mafioso of "public adjusters" was formed. Everyone in the specialized disaster world knew they were not straight. So look at the bank deposits of the Puerto Rican who signed the account.

    On the other hand, apart from the public who were suckered into signing with these people, the insurance companies have their own ways of being dishonest as does our government that failed to come to the aid of Puerto Rico.

  • Brian 9876

    An organization/owner that wants work to be done and has it bid has to write a list of specifications, delineate timelines and payment schedules. If they award a contract to someone who cannot deliver, that is on the owner. If they don't pay their contractor, that is on the owner. If they do not supervise the contractor, that is on the owner.

    Yes, we have bad contractors, but why is it showing up here in disaster relief? Back to my first point, blame the organization/owner. FEMA has been a mess ever since it was started. Puerto Rico Has been a mess ever since it was first populated. Does anyone expect a good result when these two entities cross paths?

  • SherwoodOR

    If there is a check list of items a company needs to meet the requirements, make it clear they need to submit those items to be a contender and if they don't, they are disqualified. Their bid for work was a lot less (which is great) so hand in the missing documents line of credit and Approval to do Business in Puerto Rico and get back to work!

  • john hurley

    William Brock Long reneges on federal statutes since 1916 that explain business principles for natural disaster recovery. He should be indicted for malfeasance, conspiracy, fraud, deception, and resorting to his pathological lies.

  • Foxrocks2.1

    And Puerto Rico continues to punch itself in the nads.

  • Kevin from Wa.

    We are the "most"powerful nation on earth...[so i'm told]SEND THE SEA BEES AND NATIONAL GAURD FROM ALL STATES

  • Suspect Everything

    And the delays continue

  • helicohunter

    All this winning is wearing me out. Such high quality people.

  • CaptnBlynd

    10,000 applications approved. There is a lot of work there. Out doing home inspections. More work there. Have the contract, doing the job, fired for technicalities which no local company in their territory has.
    Now that they have pulled contracts from companies which have made investments to fulfill these contracts twice, what responsible company would take a contract with them?

  • Dukedaddy

    The contract was awarded to a man who Trump nominated to be the #2 guy at FEMA. ........Nothing suspicious here!.......NOT!

  • mrblinkee

    Time to clean out the swamp.