Woman accused of swindling people she met online out of $375,000


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  • Erica Masters

    Has anyone got an update on her? As one of the "background" people responsible for keeping track of her (and providing information to other scam victims) within the tropical fish industry, I'd like to know if she's still at large, and if we still need to worry. I was one of her very first victims, and have been tracking her and warning people ever since. I'd like to know what happened to the case, and her, and where she will probably strike next.

    FYI, if she's not currently locked up, but news is quiet, she's working on her next "puppet" to scam people with.

  • Keith

    A fool and his money . . .

  • DJS

    There is no excuse other than desperation and being complete idiots! It's not like people aren't made aware in this day and age of internet scams. As soon as someone starts asking for money, there's your GIANT red flag! End it right there! Men are very gullible. As soon as the women starts sharting exotic pictures, the men think with the wrong head.

  • carolo6000

    People need to stop being so damned dumb.

  • George Columbo

    People are just plain gullible.

  • sammy r@tional

    Online dating, or traditional dating exposes people to all kinds of risks, including abuse, swindling, torture, and even murder. Yet, shame on us, for not coming up with better ways for sake of our own kids.