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  • scott McIntosh

    No Wall needed place enhanced photos on all Social Security Cards add to W 4 forms use for all American jobs , for voting , for benefit programs and for all school registration.
    No wall needed !

  • scott McIntosh

    Trump to pay for the Mexican wall with the TRUMP wall bulletproof book bag to be mandatory paid to every legal U. S. student a make captain America shield to make America safe again in my opinion goes a bit too far in the emulation clause in my opinion but anything to keep the children safe and the N R A happy ? Come on man !!

  • Blaize Rage

    Dreamers should not sponsor their family.

  • tet1953

    Ok so maybe Trump will get the first installment and get a chunk of wall built. Then he can claim victory. The rest of it will be undone.

  • David

    BS, one more Trump campaign promise unfulfilled, Mexico pays for the wall? No? Why am I not surprised. He couldn't go after Clinton because there never was a crime, he never revealed his taxes as he promised, he didn't drain the swamp he actually brought in more swamp creatures, his transparency? Least transparent President ever, wasn't going to play golf or leave the White House. Reduce the deficit/debt? Ha it will increase by 100 billion a year on top of what it was. Unite the country, another lie. The Democrats are enablers, they have sold out with the Republicans.

  • Punishment214

    1. Bulgaria

    The country built a wall along the Turkish border, which was completed in August 2015. It marks the beginning of the walling off of Europe, as some are referring to it.

    2. Hungary

    Hungary completed its wall along the Serbian border on 14 September 2015, and the wall along the Croatian border a month later.

    3. Slovenia

    Slovenia built a razor sharp fence, cutting across the Croatian border in November last year.

    4. Macedonia

    At the end of November, Macedonia completed a wall along the Greek border topped with barb wire.

    5. Austria

    In April of this year, Austria began construction of a ‘fence’ along the Italian border.

    6. France

    Now France joins them, funded by the UK.

    - Indy100, 21 September 2016

  • Punishment214

    Southern Border Plan: Mexico's own fight against illegal immigration - France24 4/25/17

  • Punishment214

    Macedonia builds fence to keep out migrants - Politico 2/16/16

  • briteleaf

    Trump canceled the DACA program so he could use them as a bargaining chip to trade for the 25 BILLION WORKER BEE TAX DOLLARS FOR HIS WALL. Remember who chanted a hundred times that "MEXICO IS GOING TO PAY FOR THE WALL"? Most illegal immigrants arrive in America on a jet. Walls are just too expensive and are too easy to go over or under. A wall of drones patroling the border would be much more effective and so much less expensive. Let the president and his Republican swamp gators be responsible for ending DACA and exploding our national debt. Let's see how it serves them in November... So sick of the lying and incompetence of our Republican congressional swamp.

  • Summer Tyme

    Democrats continue to have all the negotiating skill of Charlie Brown.

    They cannot agree to build Trump's apartheid wall, under any circumstances.

    No matter what he threatens to do - or whom he threatens to deport in the meantime.

    You do not give in to a hostage taker!

    If you want to protect the Dreamers then work every day of every minute to impeach Trump.

    If you are not working to impeach him, then you are helping him, and so enabling the destruction of this country.

  • gbgentleman

    saying, "We need to take the president seriously."

    Can anyone take the president seriously? I mean he's a clown without the makeup.

  • arriba65

    Sounds like this compromise legislation might do it - I hope it can get 60 votes.

  • Lawrence Wilson

    I have a proposal for the illegals, give 'em the boot, all of them!

  • Dan Farrar

    Ending chain migration just for the Dreamers is DOA in House.

  • boyscout

    What baffles me is this: We have a united nations that say they are against violence and are engaged in nation building and rescuing people from freedom. And we have military in all these places and spending trillions of dollars to be rescuing them and helping rebuilding their nations and bla bla bla. Yet mexico does not seem to be on the list. Instead of building walls and wasting money why are the nations not helping stop the violence and crime in mexico and investing and creating more opportunities for citizens in business, work and education and a reasonably safe environment so they would not feel the need to run away from it. Oh wait someone stands to benefit and make lots of money from the way it is$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • John Springer

    I do not think the lottery is a good idea. However if they can compromise.

  • Bill2000

    2.5 Billion for a stupid wall that won't work, and then Republicans go after social security because they need to balance the budget

  • Kevin from Wa.


  • P bis

    The Democrats need to take control of Congress first. Any deal done for DACA will be undone by Trump. Dont approve a stupid wall. Its all Trump has to campaign on. Let him try and deport one million people. The Dems are making a serious mistake just as Obama did. Take control of Congress. Dont try this bipartisan baloney.

  • Orange Devil

    Yeah... Let's build the wall. That will stop all of the mass shootings. Priorities?

  • Jake the real Jake

    Trump you need to press the senate on Gun Control of assault weapons, 100s more die of home grown domestic violence, The Wall nonsense is just that ask the Chinese.
    Get real Chief Loser.

  • duckkdownn

    What's the plan to get Mexico to pay for Trump's folly? Just tell us the PLAN.

  • TexasVulcan

    Send a bill to the President. Let him reject it and the word spread quickly that he has no intention of "making a deal".

  • SMRT

    Sounds like Donald (or someone likely without a security clearance) managed to write a decent tweet about the recent tragic madness in Florida. Here’s to learning from mistakes:

    "Jesus, he copy pasted his response to a mass shooting and forgot to change the location. What a clown."

    (“Twitter Slams Donald Trump For Tweeting Condolences About The Wrong Mass Shooting”, by Lee Moran)