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  • Norm L. Mass

    Proof of Purchase was not a condition of the original warrantee. This lawsuit will succeed, but should really be a class-action suit.

  • Chet Smith

    Their claim that older products are exempt is BS. I talked to them and then had my lawyer talk to them about returning 2 adirondack chairs with rotting problems and they said I would have to ship them back on my nickle and then they would "decide" if they were returnable. I have the original invoice that states "100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. No Conditions, No End Date." but from my conversation with them they are patently ignoring their promise to us. Previously they sent me a replacement and I sent back the old one in the same box but no more. I have bought many thousands of dollars worth of their products over the last 40 years and they are throwing me away like this?

  • Irish Moon

    Any one who's worked retail knows how some people abuse the system. We had a lady that want to return a sock....yes one sock. The other was missing. We wouldn't do it so she called our district manager. Who gave her a full refund. We had another lady who wanted to return a formal white dress. It had a hugh red stain on it. Look like it was from red wine.....she said she bought it that way and we did it. It really pisses me off cause there is always a few people who make it bad for over all honest people.

  • The Outlier

    Another clown just trying to make a fast buck cashing in.

  • TJ

    I cannot stand litigious people.

  • TheRealTom

    Companies lie. People are gullible. What else is new.

  • shiningdialga

    What this really translates to is, "I lost my way of cheating the system and getting free clothing, so let me sue and try to make even more money off a company who put up with my crud for so long!" This is highly unlikely to even go through...

  • running33

    I have an old leather backpack that my grandmother bought me from LL Bean during college. A zipper broke, I sent the backpack in for repairs and they fixed it. Many years later and my daughter is now in her second year of college--she uses that same backpack every day. My grandma and LL Bean would be so proud.

  • gs12

    You would think that "borrowing" clothes for a year would be enough.

  • Emma Lou #2

    people like him and lawyers are what is wrong with america.

  • bloggette

    Sears always advertised "satisfaction guaranteed" but that is history since they became part of K-Mart. They still will replace broken Crafstman hand tools, but it's getting harder to find a store that's still open to do the exchange. Se la vie

  • John Michael Davis

    I guess the plaintiff is upset they cut off his second income. I think they have every right to limit the returns.

  • JuPMod

    So I guess the abusers are people who wear clothes and shoes for many months and then return them for new clothes and shoes. I hate to say this but Bean's return policy should only be say one month or less, not a whole year. It would had cut down on the number of abusers.

  • MandalayBay328

    And people wonder why LL Bean costs so damn much. Because of idiot people abusing the system. "Let me wear/use an item for a year and return it for a brand spanking new one". I don't blame "Bean" in the least. Time to cut down the scammers. If the product falls before their new return policy date, then they should just fix the item and return it to the consumer. No new goods exchanged.

  • bflogayle

    The only problem I've ever had with LL Bean was with a jacket zipper. The jacket was about 5 years old, and they fixed it. I'm still wearing it, many moons later.