Several 'unexplained injuries' to babies reported at Wisconsin hospital's newborn ICU: Police


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  • Dicazi

    Wasn't it less than a year ago that aides in a military hospital were "dancing" newborns by yanking their arms around. And posted it on-line.

  • Gargos

    Nobody should just be "suspended". If something happened that was drastic enough to suspend them, there had to be enough evidence to believe they were at fault. Injuring newborns is about as low as you can go and no sympathy should be shown for this person.

  • scorpion6091

    Should be all on tape! This should be standard in all neonatal units! If it was my kid I would pull this persons card! Kids are off limits........

  • Nancy Barton

    What kind of article was this??? It didn't say anything about what happened!! Wait
    a minute.....and now I see several wrote just what I did! Well, I guess we are all right. So......
    what kind of "news" is this??? Did you just want to get into print online?

  • Holly Hilpert

    The story is leaving things out, like what type of injuries. Well had to be caused by some staff member, since it sure the heck wasn't a ghost or poltergeist causing the injuries. Look up Genane Jones. The nurse who worked in San Antonio and I believe Kerrville years ago. Now she is locked away in a Texas prision and has been for many years for killing some little ones.

  • Lilium Inter Spinas

    They need to put cameras everywhere and make it an instant dismissal offense to take a baby anywhere that isn't on camera.

  • USAF Retired

    The article doesn't explain what type of injuries these babies suffered, not that it matters. This is pure negligence or willful conduct, both being unacceptable.

  • EastCoastGirl

    What type of injuries? That's what I want to know!

  • Barbara Smith

    What exactly happened to the babies? Incomplete story - typical.

  • TryNot2Get2Technical

    Welcome to LawSuitVille Hospital.
    The reporter couldn't find ONE relative to collaborate the injury stories to at last find out what sort of "injuries" they were? Reporting is so slim these days - just be the FIRST media outlet to run the story!

  • dancer92136

    I would get my child out of there, and fast.