Shots fired as unauthorized vehicle tried to enter NSA headquarters


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  • Nerdrage

    Something doesn't jive with this story. Those bags opened at the back of the vehicle are suitcases, and there's little kids' toys scattered around. The blood on the ground is a large pool and it looks like it splashed a lot, that's way too much and too concentrated for wounds sustained in a vehicle crash. There's a whole lot more to this story, about what went down and how.

  • doug harmon

    they probably made a wrong turn.. I know because I accidentally pulled into a nuclear power plant back after 9-11 instead of the coal fired power plant down the road about a mile and these guys in solid black came out and surrounded my vehicle with automatic weapons pointed right at me. I thought I was dead for sure. but they looked at my papers and said I needed to go down the road.. lol.. scared the heck outta me though..

  • Jason Born

    Not the first mass shooting at a school in the US and it will not be the last. It's only a matter of time when guys like this work in teams or get access to much heavier weapons causing hundreds of casualties at a time.

  • Brooks Payne

    How did they miss at that range?

  • sdoubledub

    Thankful for the brave men and women who keep us safe. The same FBI that's being bashed for political gain is too busy dealing with serious issues like this, while others only belittle them. THEY are heroes imo.

  • ken2rae

    My guess is some enraged Trumpabilly, filled with false propaganda from right wing rags like the stupid Pizzagate guy.

  • RedSoxPatriotsCelticsBruinsFan

    probly an alien.

  • Blue Wave

    Security at and around NSA is literally deadly serious. They even have Maryland state troopers sitting along the roads that surround the main campus to prevent anyone from even stopping to take a look. Have a breakdown and you're sure to get a wrecker in record time. I made the mistake one time of having two empty propane bottles in the back of my truck - I was planning a cookout that weekend and was going to fill them up after work. Imagine my surprise when two NSA police officers approach me in my office asking about those bottles. Found out real quick that's a no-no on NSA property.

  • MickC

    "An external view of the National Security Agency
    building in the Washington suburb of Fort Meade, Md., is captured on
    Jan. 25, 2006."
    Washington suburb? It's a Baltimore suburb, less than 10 miles outside Baltimore, more than 20 miles outside Washington, and in northern Anne Arundel County, midway between Annapolis and Baltimore City, which traditionally identifies with Baltimore. The award for "Baltimore's Best Hotdog" went to Anne's Dari-Creme, also in northern A.A. County and a similar distance from Baltimore. The award for "Baltimore's Best Crab Cake" went to G&M Restaurant, which is a short distance from Camp Meade Road.

  • K Mat

    Sandy Berger going back to get that last HiIIary doc.

  • rightened

    I was stationed at Fort Meade while going to "A" School, and we were told upon checking into the barracks, "That's the way to the NSA. If you have no business going there, don't." They are beyond damned serious about anyone approaching that building without authorization.

  • Paul Iannello

    no they figured that out pretty fast...

  • 3 pack abs

    Bad idea - that place is more heavily guarded than Fort Knox

  • Dam Yehudi Nakam

    Must have been one of Trump's or Vlad's men.

  • Johnny Sanchez

    It was Kenn Starr looking for the Monica dress.

  • BassPlyr73 Again

    Probably just an entitled millennial, thinking they can go anywhere they please.

  • krussell25

    I wonder if they knew it was coming.

  • Prophet With Honor

    Same gate the drunks tried to crash a couple of years ago?

  • Billy Bob Smith

    Just exercising his 2nd Amendment right to ownership and use.

  • Jukka-Emil Vanaja

    Nothing to see here, it was just the real Obama trying to escape from the cloning and containment zone.

  • u2kforever™

    Too much freedom in this country, that's the problem. We need Japan law.

  • Unsharpened Pencil

    How could there have been a shooting in the NSA, in a secure area?

  • allison kirkpatrick

    The suspect has been identified as an American gun owner.

  • Dukedaddy

    This will turn out to simply a traffic accident. Even it was more, we will be told "It is nothing more than a traffic accident."

  • Skipping

    Glad to see Security was up to the task, no hesitation on their part, good job!

  • Lurker111

    Just another guy going to save the kids in the basement of the child sex ring building.

  • Emoji Trump

    The FBI responded? Must be an Obama deep state conspiracy. (Sarcasm)