Danish queen's husband Prince Henrik dies, rejected royal burial place


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  • Siestasis42

    Long time to carry a grudge. Probably never worked a day in his life once he married.

  • Verity Pendelton

    He is a very petty man. Very sad he lived his life with bitterness and jealousy.

  • Sonya in TX

    What a disrespectful fool. He approached Margrethe to date her and then marry her, knowing that she would be a future queen. He knew what he was getting into. Now after 50 plus years of living in opulence on Danish taxpayers dime, he decides in the 11th hour to be buried elsewhere than with the Danish queen? He never turned down all of the taxpayer funded perks while he was alive. My sympathy is for Margrethe. It seems that Henrik married her with his sights on bullying her out of her rightful place as Danish sovereign. Good for Margrethe that she didn't get bullied into making him king consort.

  • Connie

    There was a good reason she didn't give him that title. He would have outranked her, and she is the one who was born a royal, not him. She did right by herself and the monarchy.

  • Sheila Moore

    No way is a female monarch in her own right going to give her spouse a title that outranks hers. If this bugs someone, don't marry a future Queen!