Mardi Gras shootings leave 3 dead, several injured in New Orleans


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  • Blaize Rage

    This is barely making news with the new school shooting in Florida on Wednesday.

  • rwendling70

    Hey, America, are you tired of all the shootings? Try killing the shooters who remain alive after killing or maiming innocents. Life in prison costing the taxpayer $40,000 per year each, who then gets medical/dental, TV, internet, a library, weight room, clothing, shoes and TO LIVE. Just as you and I as individuals have a right to protect ourselves, the state has a right to protect itself. See Article II, Section 2, paragraph 1 and Section 3 of the world's best, the US Constitution. Take that, Venezuela!

  • akramden

    What? Shootings happen on Tuesday - Article comes out Wednesday? Obviously didn't involve NOLA's finest, otherwise it woulda been reported like INSTANTANEOUSLY. And the free munchies and beer fest woulda been on like Donkey Kong!

  • Fred Lang, enlightened troll

    "A group of 10 or 12 young adults had gotten into an argument before gunshots erupted."

    Well we all know what that's code for.

  • akramden

    Let me guess - A hate crime? So - 1965.

  • DD

    No news here. Just the way these inner city Democrats live their immoral, savage existence. These same Democrats vote the corrupt and evil to lead their cesspool city govt year after year and expect it to get better. It won't and they get what they deserve.

  • GiantSlayer

    Charge them with terrorism, they do not care about hitting bystanders. Boycott Mardi Grais until New Orleans gains control over the "young adults. "

  • oney

    I am damn glad these "people" are re segregating themselves. Makes others safer.

  • Letusgetreal

    Not surprised. The demographics tell all. It's the same all over the country - Newark, Chicago, Baltimore, Memphis, Jackson, St. Louis, Detroit, Washington D.C., etc.

  • Vicki S

    you can't take blacks anywhere


    What do you expect from the most Racist Controled and Run City Council and City Government in the United States, except: Corruption, Scandal and Violent Crime? New Orleans gets what it deserves, by electing these Racist Reprobates to run their town.

  • Grab_a_root

    Only three? Praise Jesus!

  • Exador

    Wait, I thought New Orleans was going to be all bunnies and roses, now that the confederate statues have been taken down!

  • Thud2

    EVERYTHING is about trump? This $h!thole city was created by LIBERAL DEMOCRATS! Live with it.

  • nearboston

    We need to enact legislation that targets these Amish NRA members. First thing we have to do is take away their legally obtained firearms.

  • Joei

    I thought all the racist were on Yahoo. I guess not!

  • Truth-B-Me

    Another embarrassment to America thanks to the NRA and lack of stringent gun control laws.

  • Joei

    I don't understand why gangs aren't illegal in this country. They get more powerful each day they are ignored. A lot of gangs have terrorized minority communities for years. Now they hitting up everybody. I guess government though they were gonna stay in one place. Not!

  • Biff Wellington

    In other words, a slow weekend...

  • ahtirnneberg

    It's about time to send UN troops to US to collect some weapons, let's say 200 000 000 pieces for starters. World doesn't need two Somalias.

  • stronmness

    auto thinning of the herd..

  • Robert Eric Oberlies

    I see so many hiding behind their touchscreens and keyboards this morning. Step out into the light - start by backing up your free speech with your real name.

  • Mari Marigold

    I have absolutely no desire to go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras or at any other time.

  • August Jones

    It's nice to see New Orleans back to its normal self...

  • Puriel

    Every public event now has someone shooting at someone. We don't attended many like we use to. The fun is gone. Knowing I could lose a loved one by a bullet. BUT we NEED all those guns right?? I guess it's Americas way of population control.

  • 1st spear

    the parades are nothing what people think. That being said, the city itself is very urban and as the crowd grows this is expected. the earlier parades are mostly very family orientated.

  • James Harris

    More Ferals!