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  • Realpshep

    The slu ts are lying.

  • 40words

    Why is this a headline here?

  • sadie220

    I am having a hard time understanding why anyone would bring up this when he just won the gold medal. Do we stop this crazy train at some point? Also forcing to have a hair cut and to drink and watch porn? Shaun possibly had no shortage of women volunteering. He is young and attractive and successful.

  • 40words

    I've seen many women expose their places of employment to legal action, about equal to number as men. To be very fair, that type of stupidity isn't gender specific.

    As far as this settled lawsuit for misconduct...time to move on.

  • E Sverdrup

    I think this is important. I was excited for Mr White but it doesn’t excuse sexual harassment, especially if it affects someone’s employment. Hopefully he is mature enough to address this publicly. We all make mistakes and learn from them. That is what the public needs to hear.

  • Steve L

    I can't blame the guy, that is what it is, crap gossip. This was settled already. What is the point of bringing up old news. Leave it to ABC to try to ruin a good moment in US Olympic History.

  • virgillionhere

    In other news, Shaun White won the gold medal. Might want to mention that along with the dirty laundry

  • Rubber Banned

    I dont know about the sexual allegations, but he certainly doesn't know how to handle the flag between wearing it backwards like a cape and dragging it around on the ground. That was shameful. They should have a protocol staffer advise athletes on the proper way to handle the flag should they win and be handed one.

  • HamburgerHelperAgain

    So much for getting his picture on a box of Wheaties.

  • MandalayBay328

    OH FOR GODSAKE - Can we PLEASE for just TWO WEEKS stop talking about this? Its two tiny weeks out of the year. Why on Earth can't we just come together as one world, be peaceful and enjoy sportsmanship for just TWO WEEKS?!?!?!? Its not a lot to ask. There was NO NEED to bring up something that was settled two years ago. Im sick of this already.....

  • Endlessfoulu .

    "This story has been corrected to characterize the allegations in the lawsuit as sexual misconduct instead of sexual assault."

    This is just highlights some of the issues when people report on or circulate these stories. There is a huge difference between misconduct and assault.

  • 40words

    Hard to read too much into a settlement about allegations of misconduct.

  • Rudi Stein

    Forced her to watch p o r no graphy? I envision something like Alex in Clockwork Orange being strapped down and the eyelids clamped back, while Shaun stands next to her periodically dripping solution in her eyes

  • John Springer

    If she did cut her hair, didn't leave the band and didn't break off relationship with Shaun , then it would seem she was complicit and willingly went along.

  • Tertulliano

    He accidentally stepped on the American flag while dragging it.

  • hkzombie1

    I always love American Olympic “heroes “. And would be so upset about people who try to tarnish their reputations. But this one, I believe all the accounts of Lena Zawaideh. When started working for Shaun since she was only 16 as his drummer. She has endured a lot over the years. There are details that couldn’t be made up.

  • danielle

    I think there was a valid complaint about the wages, but often i have seen sexual complaints added in order to get more money to stay silent.

    I have been in office settings where women would talk about their sexual escapes and it was far more graphic than any porn movie. The #metoo movement need to include all aspects of sexual harassment, not just the male bashing.

  • Equinoxsseven

    Why would ANY man talk to those two disgusting yentas on "Today".

  • Thelightlady

    Not gossip. He settled out of court. Those allegations went to court and he paid money to settle. What he settle for is far worse than anything Al Franken was even accused of.

  • Bob Lee

    So he sexually assaulted a woman and paid to settle. It wasn't your mom, sister or wife. No harm no foul except to that person. Perhaps she asked for it? White is da MAN!!!! BEAST!!!!

  • Joe 89

    Me too is out of control. You can't force somebody to watch porn so stupid.

  • The Troll Slayer

    He’s a creep, she sued him for it, and they settled. I’m glad Justice was served but the case is over.

    Nobody ever said the man is a saint. He’s a great snowboarder. And he’s also not going for a security clearance.

  • whitepine

    He just won a gold medal and we discuss this? Not the time

  • mylilelar

    A female teacher in Boise has just been charged with battery (having sex with her student) and gets virtually no press except the local rag. Why is it it seems like the majority of these teacher-student "battery"relationships are female teachers these days? No doubt the men mentioned in the "me-too" movement are pigs and deserve to be outed, but if women think that they are the only victims then I've got a bridge to sell you. I just witnessed last night one of the greatest Olympic achievements in my lifetime and it gets virtually no press except negative about Shaun White.

  • AngryBee

    Really ABC News?? Leave it to GMA to try and ruin a moment of national pride by giving some Feminazi a microphone, and she isn't even a party to the SETTLED allegations. Apparently nobody at ABC News knows what settled means.

    Shaun White is an INSPIRATION after nearly getting his face ripped off and then performing at near perfection when it truly mattered. Yet ABC News tries to paint him as just another despicable man to be hated. What a bunch of JERKS...This is sickening and infuriating!