Eric Trump: 'The lowest of the low' abuse women


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  • Dosadi

    Lying coming out of the tRump White House? Who knew?

  • 40words

    Sad, Eric was forced to take half a day off from macaroni art, shave, put a suit on, and go defend the Grabber in Chief.

  • Dadood

    Nice to know what Eric thinks of daddy. Same as the majority of Americans.

  • Puddin' Twain

    Donald abused Eric's mother, Ivana. She withdrew the charges and signed a non-disclosure agreement when he paid her off.

  • FfloydZzepp

    Good God, the total lack of caring by anyone associated with Turnip just has to be appalling in the eyes of God.

  • KansanJayHawks

    Does Uuday realize he is talking about his father?

  • ceptic

    We must remember whenever making a Trump statement analysis,
    that the Trump children were raised to believe that
    Wrong is Right and Right is Wrong.

  • Annie

    How about married men who sleep with and pay off porn stars while the wife is recovering from child birth. Are they also the lowest of the low Eric?

  • Caroline Ervin

    Does Don, JR. not know about his father's abuse of his mother????

  • Eva

    What's with this family and the extremes? It's either the best in the world, or the worst. Yes, abusing women is terrible, but wife abusers aren't the ones whose lives are in danger when they enter the general population in a prison, it's those that sexually assault kids who face the greatest threat.

    Also, you know, murder.

    It's like they have to say it's the best or the worst because they don't know nuance and have such a simplistic speaking style.

  • owthathurts

    First time Eric has ever publicly described his father accurately.

  • Karolyn Lapka

    Who in the world cares what Eric Trump says?

  • bloggette

    Eric has always been referred to as the "dumb" one, but the reality is that none of his kids are the sharpest knives in the drawer. Graduating from a highly rated university is very doable when your parents have the deep pockets to finance it. It's evident that Don Jr. doesn't think anything through when he tweets and stumbles over his own (or those talking points provided to him) every time he appears on Fox News. Ivanka is refined and soft spoken, but relies heavily on her demeanor rather than the content of anything she says. It is doubtful that congress and heads of state would waste their time engaging her in conversation were it not for her father's influence. Tiffany appears to be the only with any smarts because she apparently realizes that it is better to not say anything at all than to open up your mouth and stick your foot in it.

  • Richard

    Geez Eric, so that includes your daddy? He really isnt very bright.

  • carcar

    No wonder Ivanka is the favorite.

  • bibleexpert

    Someone married Eric Trump?! There must be a story there, and one no doubt far more interesting than whatever Eric has to say about anything.

  • Rocky_Mountain_High

    Who is supposed to be watching Eric at the adult day care?

  • Ron Ruggieri

    Can you imagine an intelligent voter whose votes are decided on the basis of whether or not the Democrat or the Republican is a crude sexual libertine ? Every phony politician in America runs for office on the claim that he or she is more VIRTUOUS than the opponent . As if there were no serious issues at all . I could care less about President Donald Trump's past, present , or future sexual adventures. Did the mainstream news media ever make an issue - or FRONT PAGE NEWS - of JFK's sexual history ? The ME TOO women are pathetic - bringing up the dead past of disappointing dates.

  • DWileyOne

    Yeah, Eric. Why don't you have that conversation with your dad?

  • briteleaf

    So, the "lowest of the low" are on the white house staff, working for a year without a security clearance? Here's the lead alligator playing in the swamp.

  • TB

    Clearly...Eric get's paid very well...thanks to Daddy...

  • Ron Argus

    It has been long rumored that neither boy cared much for their father after the way he treated their mother. Sounds like a dig from Eric.

  • Top shelf

    Too stupid to realize he's talking about his old man.

  • Joker potus

    Tell Eric that calling your daughter a good piece of ass ( On the Howard Stern Show) is also very wrong.

  • b rubble

    Wow great role models for Barron to grow up around with a father that is an abuser, uncles and aunts that defend it, and the other fellow abusers that Donald surrounds himself with.

  • bloggette

    Apparently Eric has never read his mother's accusations against his father, nor has he watched Trump interviews with Howard Stern. Abuse takes many forms besides physically assaulting a woman, which by all accounts he has done also. Just because there aren't bruises doesn't absolve your behavior.

  • gmannfromchitown

    If nothing else, this administation has set new standards for how to run an administration. Not good, but new.

  • TH

    130 grand for two minutes with stormey, that is empowering.

  • b rubble

    Noticed how Sarah seemed more uncomfortable than usual when she tried to make up alternate facts and called on it when the reporters questioned her? She is committing perjury on national t.v. about the FBI.

  • b rubble

    Eric, I felt kind of bad for you when people picked on you when you pretty much kept quiet because I gave you the benefit of the doubt. But lately you have been trying to sound like an idiot like your hypocrite brother.

    "My father has "overpowered" more women in his career than anyone ...

  • Anti Fascist

    To even consider uttering the words "Trump empowers women" is laughable at best and downright delusional at its worst.

  • Bud Simpson

    Eric conveniently left pedophiles and women molesters off his list, since Daddy is an accused pedophile and self admitted molester of women.

  • QuestionAuth

    Eric should be the next chief of staff!

  • Supatall2u

    He's a complete dunce! How about addressing the fact that yo' daddy raped yo' mama?!? But that's okay, huh, lil rabid Cheetos boy.