More Trump cabinet members face criticism for travel expenses


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  • paperloader

    Cabinet member travel is a problem but what about Cadet Bone Spurs weekly trips to Florida to play golf? This whole administration is the most corrupt in history.

  • gypsy

    Way to drain that swamp!!!!!!!!!!!

  • katerant

    Why can't he just schedule his vacation away from work, take his two weeks and pay for it himself like the rest of us?

  • Bernard Sandan

    Hey Guys that's not your money, it's the people's money, don't act that you are rich, that's not your money...
    booked on a first class plane with bodyguards, that's it !!!

  • Jim_FTL

    A little personal perspective on travel. When I was a senior US Army Officer I was prohibited from flying other than commercial Coach while in uniform. I would see multi-star generals flying with me.

    Oddly, enlisted soldiers in uniform COULD fly First Class, from Private to Sergeant/E-5 at that time, but the upgrade had to be at their own expense. Not sure too many except "Private Benjamin" could afford that. The Army bought them a Coach ticket. If I had time to change clothes at my destination I might fly First Class in civilian dress at my own upgrade expense.

    I remember once I was in First, flying into Little Rock, Arkansas, and Governor Bill Clinton, Hillary and Chelsea were all sitting in Coach. The passengers were delighted, with whom they happily chatted. I liked that. Well, I guess politicians.

    I could also order an Army fixed-wing aircraft, but only if enough of my staff would be onboard. My Office Operations NCO would calculate the number of passengers versus the cost of separate commercial plane tickets.

    The Army has a formula for air miles cost. If the commercial cost exceeded the Army cost we could take the military plane.

    Point is, it was very strict and regulated. Apparently that means nothing to the Trump Administration. That treats the US Government like his personal company.

  • Teritao

    This administration is bilking the U.S. taxpayers. First, huuuuge tax cuts for the wealthiest (including all of his cabinet members). Then, unfettered and ungodly spending by the Trump Regime at our expense. A no ethics regime. I want a full accounting of all of these corrupt expenditures starting with the Trump family.

  • tprop

    Resign. Immediately.

  • Krimson

    GOP Voters don't mind getting bent over and lubed up as long as they can say to each other: "MAGA!"

  • Alex Ross

    The TRUMP team boondoggle continues unfettered. Hurry up Mueller.

  • AlexTheGreat

    The most corrupt administration ever! Republicans are basically lying sacks of crap. They talk about fiscal responsibility, small government, etc. etc. then they come to power and operate as a bunch of new money, banana republic agents.

  • oldschool

    He visited more places than a tourist in that amount of time so the question is how much time could he have spent on business?

  • lag

    What VA business could possibly take the VA Secretary to London and Copenhagen? This was a royal boondoggle on our dime. Fire the SOB and back bill him for the trip. prosecute for fraud if possible; I assume government employees still file travel vouchers and swear to the accuracy of the information in the voucher;