Russia is threatening to block YouTube and Instagram over video of oligarch


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  • George Woodard

    Sounds like the foot's in the other shoe

  • Arthur Conrad

    There's no putting that genie back into the bottle.

  • Resurrected Smile

    We may all look back at this period as a brief flowering of the Internet before the powers that be gained full and complete control of it. It has taken a while for governments and the corporate world to understand the potential and power of the Internet. Now they have destroyed net neutrality and are coming for you and your money online.

  • Sejal

    Doesn't matter if they take it off of You Tube, Instagram or Twitter. The video will continue to resurface.

  • drtljonesged

    C'mon!.. the woman wrote a book...'a manual for women on how to seduce an oligarch'... for fun and profit! and apparently self-released a video...sonofabitch... even the Russians get kompromat,, on each other!

  • Robert Eric Oberlies

    This is what a petty tyrant does.

  • cephalo

    The answer here is for more foreign social media to carry that video. Make Russia shut down everything so that Russians know and understand where their government is taking them.

  • pbgd

    Russia never had a free election in its entire history.

  • Robobob

    Facebook and Instagram should leave the videos up and let the Russian government block the sites just to remind all of the Russian citizens of how corrupt their country is. They are the ones that need to fight this.

  • poultrygeist

    There's nothing private about being outside on a yacht.

  • Fulghn

    Goes to show how good y'all got it here in the US. You have no idea what true government corruption and jackboot authority is. So stop your crying and undermining of the country that gives you those freedoms. Inciting corruption from within will only make your oppression fantasies come to life.

  • JuPMod

    Not surprise one bit. Russia has for many years returned to their USSR days with their government controlling the media, their elections, etc. It's not a free country as Putin keep boasting it is.

  • SirStephenH

    There goes Trump "making America great again".
    Oh, wait. Sorry for my confusion, you all understand how it's hard to tell Trump and Putin apart now and days.

  • Risbo Lensky

    I only know that Bill Clinton is a rapist

  • Patrick O'Gormley

    Qui surprise ... Non!

  • Eric

    Meanwhile Trumputin will try to kill the videos here in the US for his buddy.

  • milolewis

    Well , this could get interesting .

  • mrphilbert

    There is a pretty good chance of an uprising in Russia. Nearly everyone there knows how corrupt their government is (with putin at the head). And drumpf wants to follow in putins footsteps.

  • 40acre

    Oh look! Russia is now trying to protect Trump just like all his staff are doing. I wonder why?