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  • KlintzDisqus

    Even on down days, no tipped employee can make less than minimum wage since the employer has to make up the difference between the lower wage for tipped employees plus tips and minimum wage.

  • virgillionhere

    Big deal, she posted a personal issue on Facebook. The church will survive.
    Overbearing policy or application imo

  • Brian 9876

    If you want a better story google Tamlynn Yoder and go to the palmbeachpostdotcom. The manager fired her because she violated the rules: Cathie Koch, a spokeswoman for Outback Steakhouse, told The Post that, per company policy, employees cannot post about customers on social media and can be subject to termination if the policy is violated.

    The Church's side of the story is also presented.

  • KRJ

    Whats with you people. This was no small take out. It was a huge order that took most of her time. There was so little time after they picked up she only made 18 bucks. It it were my company I would insist she be tipped. Scrooge is alive and well in America

  • Diana

    If it was a mistake on the customer's part, I wouldn't have given her anything after she whined on social media about it.

  • Tom M

    The "church" didn't compensate her...several families who were members of the "church" compensated her. Get it straight. The leadership of the "church" did nothing for her.