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  • bloggette

    Compared to Kim Jung Un I suppose Trump looks like an improvement, but its like deciding between a meal that makes you throw up and one that poisons you.

  • Terry Stein

    Maybe somebody should remind him how Trump praised the communist leader. Then again, somebody should remind him that we are often aware that defectors are also plants by the NK authorities. If he thinks we want another dictator like the one he "fled" he's got another thing coming.

  • Optimist-2618173

    That's a bit strange, given Trump's admiration for Kim Jong Un as a "pretty smart cookie" whom he'd be "honored to meet." Trump's own words, not mine.

  • b rubble

    He used Donald as a measuring stick to compare to Kim. Not much of an accomplishment there Donald.

  • Freethinkingpublic

    When he hugged me I felt the warmth of his sincerity, oddly when I left the stage I could no longer find my keys or my wallet.

  • Chuck

    You are a Pawn and was used as such. You were a photo op. To try to convince otherwise is a waste of air.

  • Kansasgirl52

    It's a disgrace how the Main Stream media - yes you too ABC, NBC and CNN have fawned over Kim Jong Un's sister while criticizing our Vice President. I appreciate that Vice President Pence was not a hypocrite. It's perfectly fine to be rude to a representative of a regime that brutalizes, starves and tortures its citizens while it advances its nuclear capabilities in an effort to annihilate the world.

  • JuPMod

    We'll see how far this 'reconciliation' goes after the Olympics. NK will not change its government, and SK will not want to join NK's regime. Everyone already knows how bad things are in NK, just unless people want to go to war with NK, there is nothing anyone can do to change things.

  • Juggles

    If this North Korean defector felt that Trump has helped his cause I think he would be a better judge of that then I would be so I will give credit where credit is due.... Sounds like Trump's invitation has helped shine a light on something that desperately needs attention.

  • Thomas Robinson

    I am so sorry for the few who can not get through their own pride and have to turn this in an attempt to discredit the President.