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  • helicohunter

    So fed up with those credit card calls. I report every one of them and I do know that some have been slapped with huge fines.

  • Dukedaddy

    In my opinion, all telemarketer calls should be banned. The vast majority of them are from scam artists.

    If the phone companies don't have the technology to stop it then it's time for them to invest in some R&D and create a system to stop it.

    If tech companies can invent self driving cars and booster rockets that land themselves vertically, why can't someone invent a way to block telemarketers.

  • Quilter Mom

    I'm really sick of getting fake police charity calls. A voice asks for someone who is not there, you say wrong number and the tape flips over to a spiel about some XYZ police something or other. We asked local sheriff's staff and they said most of them are fakes. Anonymous calls should be automatically screen out for everybody. They should be required to get your PERMISSION for junk phone calls, emails or snailmail. Its rediculous how much money is wasted by these scams.

  • KlintzDisqus

    Certain charities are allowed to robocall you despite your wishes not to be interrupted in the sanctity of your own home.

    For now at least, the robocalls to your cellphone are mostly prohibited/filtered out by the cellular providers. Who wants to spend their own money/minutes being bombarded by calls you never wanted to get in the first place? Cellular providers know people would dump them if they let the robocalls go through unlimited.