Feb 12, 2018, 6:36 PM ET

Woman who kidnapped baby and raised girl as her own for 18 years pleads guilty


Nearly two decades after she walked into a Florida hospital posing as a nurse and walked out with a newborn, Gloria Williams stood in a courtroom today and admitted she acted alone in the 1998 abduction of the baby she raised as her own in South Carolina.

Williams entered guilty pleas to charges of felony kidnapping and interference of custody in the 4th Judicial Circuit Court in Jacksonville, Florida, as part of a plea deal with prosecutors.

The Walterboro, South Carolina, women, 52, told Judge Marianne Aho she was solely responsible for the July 10, 1998, kidnapping of the infant born Kamiyah Mobley at University Medical Center in Jacksonville.

PHOTO: Kidnap victim Kamiyah Mobley poses for a photo with Gloria Williams, the South Carolina woman authorities say abducted Kamiyah from a Florida hospital just after her birth and raised her under a different name.Jacksonville Sheriffs Office
Kidnap victim Kamiyah Mobley poses for a photo with Gloria Williams, the South Carolina woman authorities say abducted Kamiyah from a Florida hospital just after her birth and raised her under a different name.

"Mrs. Williams, are you entering a plea of guilty also because you are, in fact, guilty?" Aho asked the defendant.

Williams replied, "Yes, ma'am."

Her plea came on the same day her trial was to begin in the case. Under the agreement with prosecutors, Williams faces a sentence of anywhere zero to 22 years in prison when Aho decides her punishment in May.

News - Woman who kidnapped baby and raised girl as her own for 18 years pleads guilty

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  • Charles_Heston

    The biological mother is a loser. The child surely had a better life than she would have had with a 15 year old mother. My bet is that no time will be served.

  • Mitzy1991

    A horrifying crime. She denied the birth family their daughter. I hope the judge takes that into account.

  • Pingy

    I think I'm more disturbed by the fact that biological mama couldn't wait even six months past her abducted daughter's 18th birthday to run and cash out the child's $307,000. It's not as if mama didn't get compensated heavily--she won $1.9 million plus $3,000 per month for life which she cashed out early in 2009, forfeiting $360,000 in the process. Fast forward to 2016 and father & mother actually predicted daughter would be found that year--the year she turned 18 because of technology. But mama had to run and cash out the $307,000 on that day she turned 18, money mama was entitlted to if daughter wasn't found by age 18. If she was so confident daughter would be found by technology, why didn't she leave the money in there for her daughter? Mother was compensated heavily, and then some--I'd say she pretty much forfeited any relationship she hopes to have because of her greed in blowing her daughter's money. And the father has a very unnatural and drawn look about him--like those people you see in mugshots who are on drugs. His entire demeanor wreaks of a drug addict. The biological grandmother, I might add, says she forgives the kidnapper completely, says she raised her granddaughter well. That word "completely" speaks volumes right there so she obviously knows what life would have been like for the child had she been raised by her son. And the kidnapper--we must not forget she was not in her right mind at the time she stole the baby, having just miscarried her own child at 9 months. I cannot imagine her own suffering, but can certainly understand what drove her to do it. And the man who believed the child was his daughter and helped raise her as his own is heartbroken, and seems completely normal to me. I question the moral character of the biological parents. Okay, so stone me. I've been reading up on this for the last 4 hours and my heart bleeds now for going light on the kidnapper.

  • Pingy

    I deleted my earlier post because I've since changed my mind on what this woman's punishment should be. The media seems to conveniently forget the fact that she'd suffered a miscarriage right before she kidnapped the child. One can only imagine her mental state at the time. Not to diminish the biological mother's pain and suffering, we also have to take into consideration that the kidnapped child was a result of statuatory rape, as the father served time in prison for having sex with the mother who was a 15-year old minor when he was 22. The mother also took the settlement of 1.3 million she got from the hospital and cashed out the money she'd put away in a CD for her daughter should she be found at a future date. That speaks volumes to me. The kidnapper gave the child a good life, and the girl appears to be normal in all respects. I wonder what her life would have been like being raised by a 16 year old child herself and a father in prison for statuatory rape. I hope the judge goes easy on this woman. She was out of her mind when she stole the child.

  • Indy

    This Criminal stole three lives. Can anyone ever say what the young woman's, her biological mother's and the father's lives would have been like IF this criminal hadn't of stolen their child? Twenty-two years should just be the starting point not the maximum of the sentence available, what kind of justice is this? This young woman still has a very tenuous connection with her biological mother today, and that's also because of this criminals current involvement, there's No justice for the True Victims in all of this. What kind of message does this send to anyone else that may consider doing the same thing themselves. This isn't sending a very good / clear message like it should, which really is a beneficial and truly required part of the Justice system/process, especially for cases like this one, cases that involve the best interests and safety of all children.

  • 2brokeboners

    Death penalty would be appropriate, Kidnapping is one of the only non treason crimes punishable by death. The anguish those parents and family members felt is unbearable. Start at the death penalty and work your way down from there for punishment. Aggravated kidnapping with death as a penalty is punishment in these states. (Co., Idaho, Il., Missouri, Mont.)

  • EastCoastGirl

    Lock her up for the minimum of 18 years!

  • jason deaver

    Kidnapping is life this is just the awful deal they gave her nice job Florida

  • mik8888

    Thinking of the young woman who now must live with the fact that she isn't who she thought she was...quite sad really this will be very difficult for her...

  • Bree Zee

    Seems like 18 yrs would be an appropriate sentence. One day for every day she stole. There is no justice in this case. The lost years can't be returned. I guess as a parent, all you have is relief that your child is alive, wasn't harmed and was at least raised with love, even if it wasn't your own.

  • Lilium Inter Spinas

    I hope this poor young woman comes to realize what an EVIL thing was done to her and the woman who was rightfully her mother. The pain and anger and helplessness that her family went through CANNOT be negated by a mere lack of abuse.

  • sadie220

    Jury is out, comment section sentenced this woman because everyone here is so smart :)

  • KRJ

    22 years and not a day less

  • Bobby

    zero to 22 years?

  • dancer92136

    Women? as in multiple? They need to edit these stories.

  • 777abc

    The fairest sentence would be the exact time she took from the birth mom with her daughter. 19 years? Not sure when they were reunited but however many years and months, that should be the sentence.

  • Juggles

    I feel so bad for the young woman stuck in the middle of this mess.... Cannot even imagine what she must feel...

  • Rafterman00

    0-22 years is quite a range.

  • DJS

    zero to 22 years....ZERO???? why zero???