Russians scour wreckage for clues in plane crash that killed 71


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  • Bobby Edwards

    I would take a good look at the deicing, and at the pitot tubes, were the covers put on and left maybe?

  • Chris Parkinson

    ice on the wings building up made the leading edge too heavy..................

  • tatertaut

    I'm sorry for those relatives at the airport knowing what happened to their loved ones. What a living nightmare for them all. I feel sorrow for those investigators going through this horrible mess. My condolences to the family and friends of the people on this doomed flight.

  • Nosmo King Jr.

    I have heard that there were people on the plane that were involved in the Clinton's Uranium One scandal.

  • Mari Marigold

    I would not want to be a rescue worker in situations like this. I cannot even imagine what it's like finding people killed in such horrible accidents.

  • dancer92136

    I have to admit, and I know it wasn't good, but the first thing I thought was who was on that flight, and who would want them dead. This is most likely a tragic accident, but the thought did occur to me that it might not have been that simple.

  • Mari Marigold

    Were there any anti-Putin folks on board? it is not beyond him to stoop that low.

  • Alex

    Terribly sad for the victims but maybe now the Russians will think twice before shooting down civilian aircraft like they did MH17.

  • GloMore

    Icing. If they had the hot air on this thread, this would not have bothered them.

  • ToothyGrinn

    In the article they credit Russia's poor maintenance record to one Flydubai aircraft (not Russian) and one related to terrorism.

  • JusticeOnTap

    Clues? Well the first one would be that this aircraft was operated by a RUSSIAN airline....