Feb 11, 2018, 1:48 PM ET

Trump 'shows great compassion' for women, Kellyanne Conway says


Senior Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway pushed back against the notion that President Donald Trump doesn’t support women, saying he “shows great compassion” for women, and that she “frankly wouldn’t work” in his administration if he did not.

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Conway was responding to questions by ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos on "This Week" Sunday about the president's public comments since the White House staff secretary had to suddenly resign last week amid allegations of domestic abuse.

Following Rob Porter’s resignation Wednesday, Trump on Friday wished the former staff member well and said his denials of the abuse claims by two ex-wives need to be taken into account.

"He says he's innocent, and I think you have to remember that," the president said, adding that he wants to “absolutely wish him well.” Trump also said he had been “surprised” and “very sad” to learn about the allegations against Porter.

Then, on Saturday, the president tweeted in general comments that didn't specify if he was referring to Porter or to the issue of domestic violence, lamented that lives are being "destroyed by a mere allegation."

Trump himself has been accused by at least 16 women of misconduct ranging from sexual assault to harassment to inappropriate behavior, claims that he and his White House have adamantly denied.

Stephanopoulos said to Conway on Sunday, “There does seem to be a pattern here. When a friend or an ally -- a man -- of the president's gets in trouble with these allegations of, of abuse or sexual harassment, the president's sympathies immediately go to the man, whether it's Bill O'Reilly or Roger Ailes or Roy Moore or Rob Porter. Why is that, and do you understand the problem that creates for the president?”

Conway responded, “This is a man who show great compassion and understanding for, for women on many different issues. I frankly wouldn't work there if that were not the case. I could be dozens of other places for lots of money.”

She added, “I think he’s doing a great job for America’s women. We have to look at the full picture ... We are a safer, more prosperous nation -- that includes all of us, including the nation’s women -- because of Donald Trump’s leadership.”

Conway also said that she sees Trump “express sympathy” for women, and that he has "many times come to the aid of women privately,” such as by helping some women he knows or who have come to his attention find employment.

“Why would someone like me and many other women be there," at the White House if the president didn't show support for women? Conway asked. "He is an excellent boss to work for, an excellent boss for women.”

Stephanopoulos asked Conway about the response of Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., to Trump's assertion on Twitter that a “mere allegation” can shatter lives.

“It’s not surprising that [Trump] doesn’t believe survivors or understand the national conversation that is happening," Gillibrand said in a series of tweets Saturday. The president has shown “he doesn’t value women,” she said.

Conway on "This Week" suggested that Gillibrand and other Democrats have no room to criticize Trump considering the scandal over former President Bill Clinton's relationship with a White House intern, Monica Lewinsky.

“I don’t need a lecture from Kirsten Gillibrand or anybody else who protected and defended and harbored a sitting president who had sexual relations in the Oval Office and was impeached for lying. I don’t need a lecture from her or anybody else,” Conway said.

News - Trump 'shows great compassion' for women, Kellyanne Conway says

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  • Sejal

    Comparing President Clinton's affair to Porter being a wife beater is not a good analogy.

  • Sejal

    Trump is quick to defend a rich white man as innocent until proven guilty, but has generalized immigrants as rapists.

  • Erik Knight

    She added, “I think he’s doing a great job for America’s women. We have
    to look at the full picture ... We are a safer, more prosperous nation
    -- that includes all of us, including the nation’s women -- because of
    Donald Trump’s leadership.” Why does Conway always avert the questions she is being asked? What does this have to do with Trump supporting men who abuse women? When I taught college I had students do the same thing. They would not answer the question being asked but would babble on about something unrelated hoping to get partial credit. I have no doubt that Conway pulled this type of carp at Trinity College. Conway flunks by my standards !! She is a poor role model for women.

  • angelosdaughter

    Go away, Conway.Your 15 minutes are up.

  • Bad Nun

    Melania begs to disagree with Conway.

  • Bill Paish

    She is kidding, right. A more prosperous nation, hmmm, Maybe a more prosperous stock market. Once inflation takes its cut, the meager tax cut for the middle class will evaporate. A safer nation, I don't feel any safer than I felt for the last 16 years, of course I am a vet and not a fear preaching republican. Republicans keep saying fear this person, fear that person, we the republicans will protect you, at the same time they say the dems want a "nanny state"

  • DavieFL

    What is the big deal. Everyone who works for the Orange will praise, defend, love, etc, etc the Orange either to protect their own work and their own interests or they are really identical to the orange. He will remain president, no impeachment. And he will must probably will be re-elected. Oh well!!

  • Chuck

    Is that before or after he grabs their "CAT"? What a moronic statement from CON way.

  • Freedom of speech rider

    You have to agree and comply with discus and the news platform or a red tag on you comment and account will happen.


    Yes Mr. Trump would never disrespect a female in his life he is such a honorable con man.

  • PanicMoon

    I'm sure he does show great compassion for women when he's grabbing them by the....

  • RobertJ

    ...and KAC is as rotten as he is ....I'd say what I really feel, but my post would be deleted.

  • RobertJ

    He's a scumbag .... proven by many years of sloth.
    I can't believe he's somebody's president.

  • MauiOhana808

    ................lies................fantasy island...........lies................island of misfit toys.................lies...........
    Aloha : D

  • Ima Knut

    Yes, the Trumpsters always willing to to give women his hand.

  • jims444

    In what way Kellyanne? Empty words and lies mean nothing and you are the best at both I've ever seen. Why any credible news outlet would even interview you is beyond me.

  • Siestasis42

    “shows great compassion” for women" sexual passion yes, compassion NO.

  • j a

    Did she keep a straight face when saying that?

  • carcar

    Is it another form of alternative compassion she speaks of

  • Rosie Pelosi

    Conway doesn't need a lecture from Kirsten Gillibrand or anybody else who protected and defended and harbored a sitting president who had sexual relations in the Oval Office??? Well, she obviously needs a history lesson, and recent history at that. Kirsten Gillibrand became a US Representative in 2007 and a US Senator in 2009. Bill Clinton was impeached in 1998. Gee, that Bowling Green massacre that Kelly fixated on must still be messing with her mind, such as it is.

  • Ryan Stevens

    Why hasn't the small handed orange one filed any lawsuits against the women who have accused him of sexual misconduct?? I could have swore he said he was going to.

  • Bill

    Lust is not "Compassion", Kellyanne.

  • No one you know

    Someone mentioned that this is like the Beverly Hillbillies have moved into the White House! I had to laugh and that started me thinking as to who is which character...

  • SFprogressive

    Poor Kellyann, Years down the road she'll be remembered as the enabler of the most dishonest indecent and damaging president in modern history, And women I'm sure are beginning to deeply resent her filling that role and taking his side over all those he mistreated,

  • Ian Perez

    Kellyann Conway is the stupidest, ugliest, blindest, sorriest excuse for a woman. She's a traitor not only to her country but to her gender.

  • vinny fafa

    miss conway, bill clinton had CONSENSUAL sexual relations in the white house...
    that is a lot different than gabbing them by the private parts, or jamming your hand up some women's skirt on a plane, in public, and you don't even know the women...but of course 12 women who have accused trumpy of this kind of stuff?? every one of them are liars..ok, we get it

  • document finesse

    Conway's an even bigger liar than Trump, if that's possible. Why can't she just go away? No one in their right mind believes a word she says.

  • Buster

    The Queen of Alternative Facts has spoken.

  • Dicazi

    More alternative facts from her alternate universe.
    Men with "compassion" don't brag about grabbing women's genitals even in a locker room.
    And they certainly don't believe all those women who accuse Democrats while calling all the women accusing Republicans liars.

  • avanti

    Sure he does. Real compassion to be married and have a mistress a couple of times and if as some reports hint at might be for a third time. How much compassion did he show when he would walk into pageant dressing rooms unannounced while the women were changing? Kellyanne must have had to wash her mouth out after her interview after spewing her garbage.

  • Karolyn Lapka

    PLEASE give me an example of when he was compassionate to women! Waiting...

  • concernedvoter

    The whole GOP premise with Hillary and her perfectly legal email server was that it could have a few emails that were classified confidential and that they could be seen by individuals without the proper Clearance. So now they have this Proven Wife beater in the White house who they knew had no Top Secret Clearance viewing Top Secret Classified Material Daily. A person that could easily be black mailed or extorted by hostile Countries like Russia because of his Criminal Wife Beating history.
    And of Course they had no issue with that???? But Hillary should go to Jail?? LOL What Hypocrites.

  • concernedvoter

    Its now pretty obvious Putin Owns Trump and Trump has been compromised and become a Russian Asset who has to do what Putin wants for Russia not what's best for the USA. Trump must be removed from the White House and indicted to save our Great Country and Democracy..

  • Magik13

    Yeah Ok CON-way. Is that why Trump sexually assaulted 19 women? Because he respects them?
    Is that why Trump violently raped his first wife? Or forced sex upon a 13 year old?

    Trump has displayed nothing but contempt and disrespect for women. Period.