Twin sisters' future in US uncertain after parents deported


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    17 killed in Florida.... Count how many people have been killed in 2018 alone...America have a serious problem. It's called 'HATE." It got worse since Donald Trump took over... His budget is a military one. His goal...To disable the American safety net... I got out of the USA and moved to more civilized country. We are watching you and feeling sad and worried about what taking care over there. Somebody answered
    "GOOD RIDDANCE...AND DON'T COME BACK." I can only reply....THANK YOU... AND I HAVE NOT INTENTION to ever see my land. Way too many stupid idiots for my taste.... From the White House, all the way to MSM... Within seven days....Another carnage... Probably ne Texas..... This comment will be deleted....Freedom of speech? Really?

  • pksk531

    "The family entered the United States legally, paid taxes, committed no crimes and renewed their immigration paperwork on time, every time, as they worked toward citizenship."
    So they followed the rules, did everything they were supposed to, entered and remained legal and STILL got deported. THESE are the bad hombres Trump said he was going to deport? I am waiting for some of those to go, because so far it looks like ICE is going after the easiest targets - the ones who comply with the requirements to stay.

  • alphafemale

    This country was built and founded by immigrants, poor people and slaves. This is the nation we are now becoming now..This is actually sad.

  • ruelph

    This is what happens when a despicable human being (Trump) is elected president.

  • Omegacron

    Their parents were deported for not teaching them how to speak without words such as "like" and "y'know" in every other sentence.

  • Impetus

    Where did all these hateful idiots come from anyway?

  • flnycus

    For all the people who think that DACA kids and adults (now grown up) brought here as kids (yes some from Europe and Ireland too, they arent all brown and black) should be sent to countries they dont know.
    Its the same as charging a baby who was in the back seat of a car during a bank robbery with the robbery and aiding and abating and put them in jail for a few decades. Now if you dont care about that then 1. you have no empathy. 2. you dont believe in the American ideals of liberty and justice for all and 3. You are a fascist. which explains alot.