Trump's 'overall health is excellent' says doctor, weight loss a goal


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  • BruceMajors4DC

    Trump is obviously overweight and suffering from senile dementia: he's a big racist but Obama droned way more black and brown children to death in his first year in office.

  • mollydtt

    Since Trump is the picture of fantastic health, the new American diet will shift to Big Macs, KFC, two scoops of ice cream, 12 diet Cokes a day, and stopping all exercising.
    We want fantastic health, too.

  • Connie

    How much was this guy paid?!? LIAR! Trump searched and searched until he found someone who didn't have any problem with lying, just like him. Another kindred spirit for him to call on. Trump is a fat unhealthy (physically and psychologically) pig and everyone with eyes, ears and brain can see it for themselves. Just disgusting!

  • @ Clown Parade

    “Also, please don’t hurt my family”

  • mrstoniwTEXAS

    We knew he would say that!

  • thinkmore

    So, all the things Trump says and does that make him seem mentally deficient are deliberate? Yikes!

  • Bravadu

    "he might live to be 200 years old. I don't know."

    BWAHAHA where did they find this quack, how much did they pay him, and what does he actually know?

  • P-dizzle

    Where would this "locker room talk" come from if Trump has never been in a locker room?

  • Nick

    The fact that the BMI is one tenth of a point below obesity tells me that the doctor is lying his rear end off to protect the presidency.

    As if we can't tell he's obese just by looking at him.

    Not fat shaming, just calling out the doctor for lying.

  • Hank R

    Isn't this good news?