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  • mountainlady

    This all sounds terribly confusing. How about an effort to get people to vote, PERIOD. Rather than filling up the ballot with more politics for the voter to wade through, we should first make sure they all VOTE. Maine's turnout for the 2016 election was as dismal as most every other state.

  • Captn Blynd

    "One person, one vote." This sounds as if it would give each person multiple votes. I can think of multiple ways in which this could lead to the winning of the popular agenda over the popular vote. How such a change would be implemented would be key to how open to manipulation it would be. I would need to see a specific suggested regulation or law before I would decide if this was in any way better than what we have done for 200 years.

  • bibleexpert

    The Legislature couldn't agree on how to implement ranked-choice voting after the state supreme court warned that it was unconstitutional for gubernatorial and legislative elections.

    So in Maine more democracy instead of less is unconstitutional. You live and you learn.

  • raysgirl

    A lot of people really care about RCV. I happen to be one. I am also furious that our Legislature has done what they have. Instead of this nonsense, a constitutional amendment should have been on the '17 ballot. There was one, and it passed, regarding state worker pension investing (which I am not sure should be regulated by the constitution.), but this matter is important to the voters who passed that referendum. The only one of five referendums our Legislature did not alter substantially was the sole question that was defeated. At least they left that one alone.