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  • Herk

    Funny how this and Eric Garner are apparently still front page news but the Charles Smith shooting spent zero time on the front page. Journalists and MSM are really selling out to the BLM crowd.

  • Freddie Redondo

    Obviously the illegal activity of this criminal nor having a gun matters. Blacks seems to think these activities are a normal way of life for them.

  • NewAtomant

    I suppose the police are now required to be shot before they have the option of protecting themselves? Big secret to surviving a police contact: Comply with the officers request!!! In 99% of the cases that is all it takes.... BTW, This suspect had a gun in his pocket and was fighting with the police.

  • joe TPA

    what frustration???? A criminal thug with warrants, resists arrest, not only with violence but attempting to pull a gun out and shoot the cops, gets shot in the process....He got EXACTLY what he deserved...the frustration is that this clean shoot is even being questioned...

  • Jonas Blane ll

    Interesting how Louisiana law enforcement officials only needed 3 days to complete an investigation against , and arrest 2 black cops that killed a white boy and wounded his criminal dad.

    Also interesting both of those black cops are in prison. That white family got swift justice. Black Alton Sterling's family still waiting for a determination if a crime happened.

  • Tweeter83

    So wait, he resists arrest, cop notices a gun, continues resisting and reaching for pocket, gets shot, cops recover loaded gun. Seems like a lot of that could have been avoided and Sterling would be alive (in jail though) if he had just cooperated instead of resisting. Seems to be that the case is already closed, federal saw no reason to prosecute as no wrongdoing had occurred.

  • John Eason

    gots to get them white boys thrown under the bus so's our sleazy ambulance chaser can get working on our settlement.

  • TheShapeOfThings

    It has been over three years since the mayor if Warwick Rhode Island tried to have me killed in my home by police.

    Who cares as long as there is war on the horizn, justice is still possible for america.

  • Ideology

    The way the criminal justice system in America works is to put these officers in jail and set bail so ridiculously high while the investigation takes years so that the defendants plea whether innocent or guilty.

  • brickmette

    As usual, the "authorities" are merely letting time go by until the incident fades from the public consciousness.
    Is anyone really surprised?

  • Riddler

    The investigation report will say the suspect was not a good guy, he refused to follow orders, and was reaching for his waist band, lunging towards the officers, and trying to take officers weapon. Fearing for their lives and the lives of the public lethal force was necessary.

  • Ronald Bandor

    Yeah, I don't understand how these investigations can take this long. What is happening in all that time? You'd think acting sooner would be better as people's memories don't exactly improve over time.

  • The Thinker

    My question is: are there any fingerprints of Mr. Sterling on a gun?

  • Ctrygrl

    If he had a gun in his pocket then there will be no charges. There are never any charges when a police officers shoots an unarmed person down in cold blood so how on earth are you going to get charges here.

  • Lilium Inter Spinas

    Nothing will be done. Mr. Sterling had a "criminal record," which makes society secretly (and not-so-secretly) glad he was murdered.


    "When it takes this long, folks are looking for reasons not to prosecute," said James, an attorney.

    The brothers in blue will protect each other to the bitter end.

  • Lawrence Wilson

    Yep, the thugs family & attorney's can't wait to dig their claws into some of Baton Rouge's city finances & the millions of $$$ at risk here.