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  • BowreguardFoosex

    When a society bans drugs,alcohol,sex or even contact with opposite sex there people cant emotionally grow to deal with such issues. Just pray 5 times a day and perhaps God will love you? Meanwhile we will build these nukes to smite the infidels

  • James DuMouchel

    It has been shown repeatedly that severity of punishment is NOT correlated with how much drug abuse a society suffers. Go to the website of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) to find out why.

  • PER

    If the parents cared about their child, they wouldn't have tried to get rich quick in a country where they knew breaking the law would result in a death sentence.

  • Blankety Blank

    I must have missed the part where Jeff Sessions was outraged at the slackening of punishment for drug crimes! I guess they must be another s****hole nation!

  • Btheladyinred

    You have to be crazy to get caught up in that if you know the punishment. How do people get that addicted if they are so strict?

  • bibleexpert

    Jeff Sessions was probably masturbating while reading this story.

  • Mata Bakhtiar

    How does demonstrating leniency and introducing a self-defeating liberal policy in Iran, a country with unbearable level of drugs problems, can protect the vulnerable & society at large in that country; against the scourge of drugs trafficking? Shame!

  • Vernon

    We're getting ready for war with Iran. We should be hearing about what villains they are, until finally, they kill their own people with gas, just before we invade.

  • Davey Jones

    good to know that Iranians carrying drugs might not be executed and can have a life sentence instead.