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  • Bill Pitt

    Christians seeking political power demonstrate a lack of faith because they abandon God in favor of worldly power. Its bound to fail because political leaders always disappoint. It hurts the cause of Christ, because you are known by the company that you keep...and in Trumps case...well that, speaks for itself. Close your DC offices, fire the lobbyists, return to the Great Commission. Feed the hungry, clothe and house the poor and homeless. Cure the sick and injured. Go into the communities that no one else will. Stop trying win a culture war, its not your job. Set the right example and people will follow. Be what Christians are supposed to be or stop calling yourselves "Christian".

  • barbarakelly

    from some of the gop guys that were there said ----he didn't say what they are saying . It was another way of attacking Trump. After all it came out of durbins mouth. and with Graham he is the usual Rhino

  • BF1964

    I'm not sure what kind of Christian would support a president who brags about molesting women, plots to rip immigrant families apart, spews vitriol every time he's challenged, and tells the poor and needy who dream of a better life that they come from sh-hole countries and if they were just lily-white Norwegians they'd be welcome here. I'm ashamed that our country has put this hateful lunatic in a position of power, and I just pray he gets impeached one day.

  • helicohunter

    Many "Christians" are perfectly willing to make a deal with the devil if it gives them what they want, such as lower taxes or outlawing abortion. Never mind that Rump was once pro-choice. In fact, he has flip flopped on almost every position except for the belief that he should pay less in taxes.

  • FredKapelski

    There was no transcript of the meeting. So, we are left to believe members of Congress who dislike the President, a news media that can not be trusted. I find it hard to believe members of Congress and the media about ANYTHING. Both are the sources of unending lies and deceits. I was in Haiti a long time ago. Yes, the President's "reported" remarks pretty well summed up what I saw. People living in huts made of cardboard and some wood, with a stream of garbage and sewage running down the middle of the dirt street waiting to be flushed by the morning and evening rains. And that was the good part.

  • RMarvel

    We still don't know if Trump actually said this or not. 2 other Senators in the room are adamant he did not say it, and Dick Durbin said it was repeated over and over. Somebody is lying here, and I'm going to go with the sewer rat from Chicago, whose state is so dysfunctional they couldn't even pay their lottery winners last year.

  • pcpeeps

    Tough situation for the Evangelical right wingers. They either stand with Donnie or (gasp) turn to a Democrat. My guess is they "hold their nose" and continue to support Trump.

  • sommerday

    Mahatma Gandhi
    “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. .... Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

  • sommerday

    "Your pro-life argument rings hollow if you don't have an issue with" Republicans cutting social-net programs for poor (programs that help after poor children are born).

  • PeterFromDuluth

    American Evangelicals(let's call them AE) are not evangelicals who happen to live in America. The term became a proper noun indicating people who hide their bigotry behind intentional scripture distortion. They hate many people thinking they serve God that way.
    Simple evangelicals, no matter which country they live in, follow the Jesus's golden rule:"Love thy neighbors." Neighbors here are not defined by skin color, zip code, or political party. Neighbors are everybody we run into in everyday life.

  • Go Fish

    Wow, defending Haiti as though it weren't a that is rich.