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  • Stonecrusher

    Teach 'em young. These girls are parroting parents' rants and have no idea whether the issue is valid or not. The issue is another knee jerk reaction stemming from the Richmond statuary furor.

  • archer

    The girls don't even know that they support Planned Parenthood with some of their funds.
    Puppets of the left wing.

  • StormWizard

    I think the people need to decide this. Some things shouldn't be decided by just a few politicians.

  • Captain Insanity

    I'll always buy a box of those Samoas!!

  • Melvin L. Cloyd

    During her life did she personally sponsor or create girl scout troops for Black and Latino girls?
    Under her leadership did Girl Scouts troops practice racism or end segregation and indorse integration?
    Remember folks this is the south and Low was a white middle class women.
    We need to know more about her part in segregation and civil rights before the bridge is named after her.

  • Publius2k

    "Girl Scouts leaders say it's an ideal chance to honor Low, who insisted Girl Scouts have a place for all girls regardless of race, religion or disabilities."

    Given that the Boy Scouts were sued for not allowing girls to join before they allowed it, isn't Low's (and the Girl Scouts') stance anti-inclusive?

  • FFunQ

    Musing here... With these renaming issues I think it's relevant to look at not just whether the person being honored would pass muster with modern values, but whether they're being honored specifically for unacceptable reasons. With Confederate generals for example, they're usually being honored specifically for their contribution to a white supremacist regime and treasonous cause, and honoring them is inappropriate. But most would agree a person like Thomas Jefferson, a slave holder, could rightly be honored for his great contributions while overlooking his shortcomings.

    Now Talmadge may have been an odious and unscrupulous person, and no Jefferson, but I assume he was being honored as Gov. of Georgia, not as a bigot and segregationist (of course one could argue those are one and the same for a leader of the Jim Crow south).

    I make no ultimate conclusion here, but I do think these issues are more complicated that some like to make them.

  • devilschild

    Wouldn't Samoa cookies be racist?

  • Leah

    I'm not a fan of name changes. The Sears Tower will always be the Sears Tower no matter how long it is named Willis Tower. But, since this is inevitable and the name of the Talmadge Bridge will be changed naming it after Juliette Gordon Lowe is a good idea.

  • JeanSC

    I was a Girl Scout when I was much younger. I'm still with them in this fight. They have an excellent argument.

  • helicohunter

    Seems like as good a person as any, but I suspect others will suggest their own heroes.

  • Stonecrusher

    Nothing but hype based on today's social and economic situations. During the Depression and the New Deal, the plight of the blacks was such that the economic advantages would not have benefited very many.

  • Gerald Hemrick

    Thin mints!

  • Frank Goudy

    These kids know very little or nothing about political issues but are useful idiots for their liberal elite leadership.
    Just one more part of the hate Trump politics.

  • Guthrum

    "Low Bridge": that might just confuse some drivers, or ships.

  • Lee Thompson

    What a great exercise for the Girl Scouts to participate in. It's a worthy cause, and they learn about governance in the process. There may be some seeds sown for one of these young women to run for office in the future. Wishing you success, young ladies!