Jan 13, 2018, 6:28 AM ET

Armed man in custody following Greyhound bus police chase


A police chase involving an armed man traveling on a Greyhound bus from Milwaukee to Chicago Friday night ended with that individual in custody, officials said.

The pursuit began in Wisconsin after police received reports that there was a man inside the bus with a gun, threatening to kill other passengers.

The chase crossed the state border into Illinois, and ABC affiliate WISN reported that officials put spike strips on the ground to stop the bus in Wadsworth, Illinois.

Greyhound said in a statement Friday night, "The bus with 50 customers onboard was en route from Milwaukee to Chicago when the incident began around 9:50 pm CST. There have been no injuries reported. We are fully cooperating with authorities as they work to get customers to safety."

All of the passengers were evacuated and there is an ongoing investigation by Illinois State Police.

Interstate 94 was shut down in both directions in the area of where the bus stopped.

The identity of the man was not released, nor was his motive.

News - Armed man in custody following Greyhound bus police chase

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  • lspanker

    The identity of this man has been given elsewhere, and guess what? He's an illegal alien who was previously deported.

  • voic3ofr3ason

    Hey B Sea news... this is a very simple story, But you can't even get that right. The man was not armed.

  • Captain Spork

    They are reporting on the radio here that the suspect is an illegal alien who had been previously deported.

  • Prophet With Honor

    STILL no ID or motive?

  • OscarBravoUSA

    Anytime, anywhere.

  • rontron

    Too bad he won't be required to compensate all of the passengers and the bus company for the trouble he caused, assuming he had any money.

  • Ronald Bandor

    Why hasn't Trump denounced this as terrorism!?!

  • Lee Thompson

    High fives to the police officers in apprehending this person, without anyone being hurt!

  • disqus_fn5s2QCDp8

    Two of the greatest gifts we were given as Americans: we could travel and we could go to school. It is no accident that gunmen are targeting planes, buses, and schools. There's no gain in this; just another man who can only rise by pulling down other people.

  • Ideology

    Sounds to me like he was fortunate enough that nobody on the bus was also carrying a gun.

  • TexasVulcan

    Are we going to see metal detectors for buses and trains now? Way WAY too expensive. How do we address this?