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  • Kobrakai7272

    Let's see. We've got ISIS armed and active in Africa. We've got US troops stationed in Africa fighting ISIS. Seems to me like we'd want to maintain the best possible relationships with African governments in case we need their assistance. In other words, call these nations sh****oles is counterproductive and puts the lives of American troops at risk.

  • Winston Jones, Model Citizen

    We COULD approach King Salman and ask if Nigeria and this group could be added to our wars. Unless they're killing the Shia, the King may allow us to kill them, so long as it doesn't interfere with getting Iran for him.

    Americans could benefit from learning about the King. If we wanted health care, for instance, we could ask the King to include it in what he gets for his money already. He's buying Congress and the Presidency anyway. We could promise him more Mosques, or name a street after him... If he throws in healthcare for Americans.

    We could bypass the middleman altogether... have like a Citizen's lobby in Saudi Arabia.