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  • syncro87

    ...upon investigation, it was found that the entire contents of all 20 tubs was junk mail. The employee was given a verbal reprimand and returned to work. No harm, no foul.

  • Charles_Heston

    He went postal!!


    Louisiana ...Shifless and photo needed.

  • Gomez Addams

    No picture in ANY of the news outlets. We know what that means ...

  • Willam Nat

    So, in a few years, when his parole approval is mailed, it should be burned by another postal "worker"?

  • Cagey-B

    I guess that's better than "going postal".

  • Get_Down

    If anyone does not like or carry out his/her jobs' responsibilities, he/she should either be fired or just resign themselves...Instead of getting paid and doing what this punk perpetrator has done...His punishment seems too light...He deserves much harsher sentence plus should be fined larger set an example...

  • rightened

    Ha. Funny thing was, I was just pointing out a similar situation a few days ago, in regards to unfair it is that people were being taken off the Ohio voter registration for not responding to postcards/letters sent in the mail. I mentioned how some postal workers destroy mail and got a response of, "Uh, yea, and how often does THAT happen?"

    It happens. It's not an urban myth. That's the point. Nobody's rights as a voting American should have to depend upon a piece of mail that may or may not reach them due to a carrier's actions. From the time you first register until the day you die (or get convicted of a crime serious enough to infringe on your voting rights), you should be on a voting registration list--not arbitrarily removed to "simplify" the paperwork.

  • been there

    Now I know why I never heard from Publishers Clearing House!

  • Dirty Harry

    He threw all of the mail into a sh--hole.

  • GB in TX

    And, in today's Progressive world, his sentence will depend on his race. If he is from a protected group (with no priors), he'll get a slap on the wrist. If he is white (with no priors), he'll get three years in a LA State prison and a big fine. Regardless of race, as a Postal Union member at least he won't lose his benefits and they'll probably have to rehire him (if he promises not to do it again) !!

  • KlintzDisqus

    "The check's in the mail. I swear!"