Jan 12, 2018, 6:13 PM ET

20-year-old claims $451 million jackpot, hopes to 'do some good for humanity'


A $451 million mystery is over.

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A 20-year-old "retired" background screening worker from Florida claimed the fourth-largest jackpot in Mega Millions lottery history, lotto officials confirmed.

Shane Missler, of Port Richey, was the lone winner of the Jan. 5 jackpot. He elected to take a lump sum payout of $281.2 million, officials said.

Missler plans on plunking down some of the lottery loot for a new home in Tampa and then pursuing a "variety of passions," according to the Florida Lottery, as well as helping others.

PHOTO: A Mega Millions ticket is pictured in a store in New York City, Jan. 5, 2018. Carlo Allegri/Reuters
A Mega Millions ticket is pictured in a store in New York City, Jan. 5, 2018.

"I intend to take care of my family, have some fun along the way, and cement a path for financial success so that I can leave a legacy far into the future," Missler said in a statement. "I have always been one to encourage the idea of chasing dreams and I believe life is about the pursuit of passion. I am 20 years old and my journey has only just begun.

The win didn't come as a shock for Missler, whose attorney set up a private limited company called "Secret 007, LLC," officials said.

PHOTO: Mega Millions lottery tickets rest on a counter at a Pilot travel center near Burlington, N.C., July 1, 2016.Gerry Broome/AP, FILE
Mega Millions lottery tickets rest on a counter at a Pilot travel center near Burlington, N.C., July 1, 2016.

In fact, Missler informed officials that after purchasing the ticket at the 7-Eleven convenience store on Ridge Road in Port Richey, about 40 miles northwest of Tampa -- he had “a feeling” he would win the jackpot.

He managed to scoop up the windfall by taking $5 in scratch-off lottery ticket winnings and then purchasing five Mega Millions of Quick Pick tickets, the officials added.

The fourth Quick Pick was the one that delivered home the winning combination, the officials said.

So when the numbers 28, 30, 39, 59, 70 and the Mega Ball, 10, were announced, Missler said he simply placed a call to share the news with his brother.

Then he met with his father the following morning for a cup of coffee, officials said.

The 7-Eleven will receive a $100,000 bonus commission for selling the winning ticket.

PHOTO: The 7-Eleven, located at 7131 Ridge Road in Port Richey, Florida. Google Maps
The 7-Eleven, located at 7131 Ridge Road in Port Richey, Florida.

The lucky person who bought the winning $560 million Powerball ticket in New Hampshire is still a mystery.

Lottery officials confirmed that the ticket was sold at Reeds Ferry Market in Merrimack, some 25 miles south of Concord.

The store, officials said, will receive a $75,000 commission.

News - 20-year-old claims $451 million jackpot, hopes to 'do some good for humanity'

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  • Luke Murray

    How come he only gets 280+ million when he "won" 451 millon?

  • Thomas

    He has my sympathy. His life will be hell from now on

  • Tim Coolio

    Yes, who needs college! and he can go to his present job and say take this job and shove it!

  • jake

    This will obviously change his entire life as soon as he gets his first check. His annual income over the next 65 years (assuming he will live to 85) will be $4.3 million per year tax free, not including dividends and interest on money he invests. You can't have a job and make $4.3 million a year on the side. He can't have a career as he might have dreamed of. It will take a lot of planning to come up with something to do now and everyday for the rest of his life. Very odd for a 20 year old person. I wish him luck!

  • Ideology

    Every hot girl will now suddenly find you extremely desirable.

  • Charles_Heston

    Party time!!

  • Quantez Williams

    My previous post was deleted: FL is a non-anonymous state. He did not have the option of concealing his identity through an LLC or any other means.

  • catmom Cook

    Oh darn....... I wish it were me!! Good luck!

  • concernedvoter

    I bet Trump will try to hit up this kid for money to build his Fantasy Mexico wall.

  • sendergreen

    I wonder why Americans tolerate Lottery wins being "taxable income" for the Federal, State, and sometimes even City Governments. Here in Canada the jackpots are smaller because of the smaller population, but all lottery prizes are totally tax free. The Governments make out like bandits from the ticket sales already.

  • YellowParrott

    I wish it was me! But good for him.

  • Joseph Genovese


    A gift from God, remember that
    St Jude for Children, Best Friends in Utah, local shelters and those truly in need. This is a test of your character young man. Enjoy of course, but prepare for the unexpected . Congrats !!

  • Marview

    At 20 years old he would have been better off taking it over 29/30 years (I'm not sure what Florida's rules are) and had the annual payments fed into a Trust shielded with every tax saving bracket available. I'm sure a majority, especially us older folk, would just take the lump sum as time is not on our side, but for him he'd probably earn tens of millions more than what he surrendered with the lump sum by the time he reaches 40.

  • Paul Vondra

    Finally! I hear about my long-lost Third Cousin Twice Removed's second son, whom I lost contact with so long ago. What wonderful news! Does anybody have his phone number? I know he's been wondering for years what happened to me!

  • Planet Earth

    this isn't gonna end well

  • Mr. Logical

    This is the bizarre world we live in.

    People work their entire lives to make a difference, and die because they were laid off and lost health insurance, or some other tragedy strikes, and here a 20 year old kid poof gets $200m in taxpayer money to do whatever he wants.

    I'm all for people pursuing their dreams, but does the funding have to be so random?

    Smaller amounts I could imagine, but it's hard to see how creating instant 1 per centers creates the conditions either for a) wise wealth, or b) just access to opportunities.

    Of course everyone with money will rationalize it as "I'm going to do great things and leave a legacy." Of course you will. It's all about you and your power and your ideas, because I'm sure a randomly picked person in the general population is just a genius waiting to blow us all away.

    More likely... not.

  • Twohawk is Tired of the BS

    My husband and I have an agreement. if we win a large lottery sum, we divide it evenly between our brothers, sisters and selves. From then on, each is responsible for their future. No do overs.
    We don't have our parents anymore.

  • Twohawk is Tired of the BS

    What a lucky dog. Son, create a scholarship, and invest in earplugs. Enjoy.

  • badhairpiece

    $450 million winner, Shane... my long lost son!!!

  • Max Angst

    I big weight to throw on one's shoulders. Hope for the best.

  • macdomain

    If he were the least bit intelligent he would have sought complete anonymity

  • The Troll Slayer

    He should change his name and move to a foreign country. Now the weasels and sharks know who he is.

  • msbettyrubble

    I love how the liberals are telling him to move to a gated community to keep out the riff raff. Showing your TRUE COLORS there. Hahahahahahaha

  • Erwin Schrodinger

    I really hope his life is not totally screwed up by this.

  • Ideology

    Here begins the point where his life begins a downhill trajectory.

  • Boxingwithangels

    Why did he set up an LLC, then give his real name?? Mistake #1.

  • Randy rjjd

    Lets hope he doesnt get suckered by another jucero company

  • Personal

    He sounds like a smart guy. Hope he does well. I do think it’s a good idea to keep names secret, though.

  • c.g.

    Best plan for this guy is to move to a gated community somewhere and only let his family know where that is.....changing your name would be another great option....too many will be trying to take advantage of this guy and come begging for money.....and like the rest of us....can't say: "I would like to help, but I don't have the money"

  • WesternApproaches

    Good on ya mate.

  • Scizcanecky

    Trouble spending the interest

  • Ted Mittelstaedt

    Shane change your name. Then move. Then put every member of your immediate family on a yearly stipend with instructions that if any of then so much as talk with the media and say who you are and what name you are using, they will lose their stipend.

    Then hire a bodyguard.

  • Truth4Sale

    Shane, use your background screening expertise to check out all of the people who are going to come out the woodwork to "help you." Shane, there's a class of con artist that you've never run into, because they only target multi-millionaires. Very, very, very s-m-o-o-t-h talkers / operators. You need to set up a Foundation. Everyone is going want "a piece" of you, one way, or the other...

  • Brad

    He has more trim than he can possibly organize about right now. I hope he blows a couple mil and then enjoys life and helps others along the way.

  • Nathan Broussard

    avoid the old sad crying stories, take the cash option and disappear, humanity ain't worth helping, remember charity starts at home

  • gypsy

    I am jealous, which I will freely admit. But I do hope the best for him. And I would caution him to be very skeptical of would be friends. He has just been catapulted into the upper 1% of the world.


    Who gave him the winning numbers? I smell a zuckerberg