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  • Evan German

    I can just see the TV ads for this drug - ' If you have BRCA related cancer, we offer a chance to transform it into leukemia or other cancers. This is not a cure but a way to delay the onset of ??? and all for limited cost if you have good medical insurance'.

  • rightened

    "A study suggests that women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer in one breast who are treated with lumpectomy followed by radiation therapy have the same survival rates as women who are treated with double mastectomy."

    Sorry, but if I had any inheritable breast cancer in my family, I wouldn't fight to "keep my femininity"--the breasts would come off, and I'd drop that cancer risk down dramatically, thanks. Even after mastectomies, there is still a tiny chance of developing cancer... but I'd rather risk that, and have it easier to find, than retain some ridiculous sentimentality to a body part that stands a good risk of killing me.

  • wd65

    Another case of a drug company using "your money or your life" pricing.
    Shame on AstraZeneca; $13,886 per month that doesn't cure the cancer, just delays it three month.
    I guess the 1% can afford it with their Trump tax cuts. And the CEO probably gets a $5 million bonus from it for sitting in his office.

  • Lilith Moon

    $13,000 and you might get some more cancer to go with your cancer? Yeah, that's super great.