Jan 12, 2018, 7:05 PM ET

Doctor declares Trump is in 'excellent health' after physical


President Donald Trump was declared to be in "excellent health" after undergoing a physical Friday.

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The president's physician issued a brief statement Friday evening, adding that more details about the results would be released Tuesday.

"The president’s physical exam today at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center went exceptionally well. The president is in excellent health and I look forward to briefing some of the details on Tuesday," Dr. Ronny Jackson said in the statement.

Trump was expected to undergo a battery of tests to assess his health across a broad range of categories and be physically examined by a team of specialist doctors overseen by Jackson.

Jackson, a rear admiral, has served as a White House physician for the past three administrations, according to the Navy. He was the primary physician for President Barack Obama and currently serves as the physician to the president for Trump.

Trump's checkup came amid recent questions about his health and publication of the new book, "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House," which casts doubt on Trump's fitness for office. It's also drawn close attention given the limited amount of information previously made public about Trump's health and medical history.

News - Doctor declares Trump is in 'excellent health' after physical

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  • Guest

    "Problems these experts say they have observed include rambling speech;
    episodes of slurred speech; failure to recognize old friends; frequent
    repetition of the same concepts; decreased fine motor coordination;
    difficulties reading, listening and comprehending; suspect judgment,
    planning, problem solving and impulse control; and markedly declining
    vocabulary in recent years, with overreliance on superlatives"

    Anyone else experiencing these symptoms would be undergoing psychiatric tests.

  • Guest

    "Doctor declares Trump is in 'excellent health' after physical"

    Sad news to the smart people of America. Let's all hope it is a lie. Just another Trump lie. Number 12,385.

  • Expert

    U 2 would look like Trump after yrs of 'Crack' & Viagra overdosing

  • BurmeseDude

    Trump, mentally, is as bad as one could be for the president.

  • Dukedaddy

    So Trump is in excellent health.........That's a disappointment!

  • ruelph

    The White House statement regarding Trump's medical exam misspelled Dr. Jackson's (conducted the examination) name, they can't even get this right.

  • Truthfully

    The American history books in twenty years will publish the lies of this trump presidency!

    You can't put out a Whitehouse statement with so many errors. How could the incompitant staff spell the doctors name WRONG and make up what he said??

    They will FACT Check!

  • oldprofessor

    The doctor may be an honorable man but in this instance, he has no credibility with me. He would say whatever Trump wanted him to say.

  • Primo Veritas

    I think any exam of any president should include an annual psychiatric examination according to the most recent testing modes available to the medical community. Current information indicates Ronald Reagan began showing signs of Alzheimer’s disease while he was in office. I wonder what an impartial, fully qualified mental health professional would find with Trump.

  • thinkmore

    Complete mental health exam? There was reportedly a letter from 70 doctors suggesting that such an evaluation is needed.

  • knoxvillehawg25

    Has anyone noticed the doctor driving a brand new Lamborghini?

  • Siestasis42


  • Btheladyinred

    Right.... he is the vision of a very healthy person. Sure....

  • SarcasTex

    I wonder if he found any indication of him ever having bone spurs.

  • HobbesianWorld

    Well, his physical health is not what is doing the damage to our nation on the world stage--it's his MENTAL health and his ignorance both of which, for a president, is abysmal.

  • Prophet With Honor

    I wonder if the Admirsl will put in his retirement package on Monday?

  • Priscilla Abercrombie

    This is the saddest news I've heard since the attack on Pearl Harbor . . .

  • labman57

    Donnie is as healthy as a well-marbled side of beef ... and almost as cognizant, intelligent, and humane.

  • Mikhail

    Breaking news: 12 pack a day of diet coke turns out to be good for you!

  • thenitenurse22

    As with any annual physical for a man his age the doctor usually not only does blood work, vitals signs, and chest xray but offers the patient recommended exams like a cardiac stress test and colonoscopy. I'm pretty sure Trump passed on those.

  • Nathan Broussard

    it's debatable, was that done by Dr. Bombay or Dr. Boombats? was the doctor in the same practice as the legendary Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine and Dr. Howard?

  • Perreraman Perreraman

    If it is true that Trump is in both mentally and physically fit it would mean that he fully aware of he is doing which horrified me.

  • Puddin' Twain

    Now that his health has been pronounced "excellent," Trump is off to rechristen Mar-a-Lago as "Agujero-de-Mierda."

  • david

    So, the doctor that claimed Trump is in excellent health just so happened to spell his own name wrong on his press release?? His first name is RONNY, not Ronnie. Me thinks this could.....possibly....be......another.....ridiculous.....lie..... Trump Troglodytes rejoice

  • Randy rjjd

    he didn't need a physical exam, he needed a psychological exam. and if that tub of lard is considered excellent health that Dr. needs his license taken away. next will be new guidlines laid out by trump.
    1. eat mcdonalds every day
    2. maintain 100lbs too much fat

    you'll be EXCELLENT health

  • YellowParrott

    Good for President Trump! And stay away from those "potato chips"!!

  • Prophet With Honor

    "...excellent health considering ..."

  • My Name Is Nobody

    Says a note from the doctor released by the White House, on which the doctor spelled his own first name wrong. Oops. Little details like that are important to prevent the lies from being discovered.

  • duckkdownn

    "President Donald Trump was declared to be in "excellent health" after undergoing a physical Friday."

    But why is he orange?

  • kaymichigan1

    Yeah, yeah. They said that about Woodrow Wilson after he had a major stroke, Grover Cleveland after he had part of his cancerous upper jaw removed, and Reagan even though he had Alzheimer's.Heck, FDR couldn't even walk but nobody could talk about it.

    Few Presidents are as obviously unhealthy as Trump, though.

  • Pologize3

    He's in perfect health but......he's just bat$h1t crazy.

  • kaymichigan1

    Does anybody really believe this?

    Although I suppose in this case "excellent health" just means "not dead".

  • j penske

    Trump would have the doctor (a rear admiral) reassigned if he said Trump is a lard a$$ who has bad eating habits.

  • Evan German

    How does this doctor retain his medical degree? He puts no caveats on his statement of 'excellent health' , no 'for his age' or 'considering his excessive BMI' or 'considering his diet' or 'for the limited amount of exercise he gets (walking the course would be better)' or 'with the limited valid information intake compared to other Presidents' or 'double Big Macs and fries followed by two scoops of ice cream can be bad as a regular diet'. I now consider this Rear Admiral to be a quack until he clarifies on Tuesday.

  • Swif-tee

    Yeah, except the doctor didn't issue that statement, which is what has happened with past presidents. The White House did. AND they attributed the quote to Dr. Ronnie Jackson, who actually spells his name Ronny. I think that handshake in the picture is about as close to exam as Trump got.

  • ME_NZ

    Good news folks a vet has certified our very own pot belly pig we got leading our country fit?
    Fit for what is my question ?
    Everyone else in the the chain of command over the Nukes has got to undergo a 3 monthly psych exam why not this pig?
    Surely there is an animal psychologist we can get to reassure us the old bore is stable enough to have one of his tiny lill fingers on his big button. Apart from being a sexist, racist, narcissistic, sociopath and a pathological liar with no moral compass as well as a self confessed serial sexual predator that is we already know about all that.
    While they were are at they could try locating his tiny pathetic brain. I am thinking he probably sits on it which would explain why his thought processes are about as consistent and coherent as a 5 year olds.

  • ReviewTheFacts

    We only hear what he "allows them to tell us."
    In reality, he's in excellent shape for a man who has gained 3 suit sizes since he took office, is eats nothing but junk food, exercises by sitting down or the occasional game of golf (using a golf cart and still sitting down), and throws hysterical tantrums at the drop of a hat.

    If he's in "excellent health," then he's got a different definition of "health" than the rest of us.

  • GarfieldRocks

    I'm very interested in the toxicology report. Good to know about any drugs in the presidents system.

  • OkBluzMan79


  • Boxingwithangels

    It's all a lie. Trump admin can essentially say whatever they want. Show us the tests. Get an independent dr. Then tell me someone who is so overweight, eats nothing but buckets of fast food, doesn't exercise, is out of breath all the time, can be in "excellent health". Give me a break.

  • GarfieldRocks

    So, if he's not ill, that means he's just plain snotty and hateful. Got it.

  • Robert Earnest

    This has to be a great disappointment to the never Trumpers.

  • Penelope Justice

    Too bad.

  • lags

    You missed the fact that the good dr apparently doesn't know how to spell his first name, it's Ronny not Ronnie and the report that came out was through the WH, Sarah Sanders to be exact....do you really suppose a physician would say the exam went exceptionally well and Trump is in excellent health? Really? Maybe the WH put out their own statement, put it in quotes and misspelled the dr's name? Just saying....

  • TexasVulcan

    Trump's "fitness for office" is not limited (or even mostly) the physical. It's his temperament and inability to learn and become more than the incompetent, intolerant man we've seen so far.

  • ArghONaut