Jan 12, 2018, 3:04 PM ET

Trump again extends Iran nuclear deal he vowed to rip up


President Donald Trump again waived the economic sanctions on Iran as a part of the nuclear deal with the country despite his repeated criticism of the Obama-era accord in what White House officials say will be the final extension.

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"This is the last such waiver he will issue," a senior administration official said, adding that the White House will be working with its European allies on updating the other conditions of the nuclear agreement including when certain clauses of the deal will end.

In announcing the extension -- the fourth for the Trump administration -- the White House said it would impose new, non-nuclear sanctions outside of the deal against 14 Iranian individuals and entities.

The United Nations Security Council and European Union agreed to the waiver in 2015 in exchange for Iran's promise that it would rollback its nuclear development efforts.

News - Trump again extends Iran nuclear deal he vowed to rip up

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  • Wayne Tracker

    "Mr. President, please, we can't take it anymore, we can't win anymore like this, Mr. President, you're driving us crazy, you're winning too much, please Mr. President, not so much..."

  • News Junkie

    The Unstable Fool filled his weekly quota to doing crazy and nutty things that make the US look bad to the whole world I guess!

  • Blankety Blank

    Trump's numbers of broken promises are only exceeded by his numbers of lies!

  • faze009

    Trump throwing another tantrum about an Obama-era deal while presenting no real alternatives and asking others to put something or anything else on his desk to sign.

  • I just dont like orange

    Europe aint changing anything about the Iran deal. But I'm sure your clown can work out a better deal himself.

  • Arryandan

    Americans are so proud of Turnip. Extending a deal he claims is the "worst American Deal, ever". That's got to hurt, to extend something that is so bad, but, you (Trump) can't do one bit better. I know, I was proud yesterday when he claimed Obama poisoned the waters in Britain, bad Embassy, bad costs, bad location. Then, as if by MAGIC, we find out it was ALL done under Bush. How terribly embarrassing for his followers.

  • AbrahamLincoln2

    It's interesting that Trump signed the new sanctions for Iran and North Korean, But did he ever sign the one for Russia?

  • JB210

    Trump keeps this deal around as yet another distraction, another covfefe he can throw up in front of his base when he needs them to think about something, anything, other than how he's selling them out, how he is demeaning the US and diminishing its influence, how his campaign was boosted by Russia, and how he's eroding the liberty and freedoms of Americans while he admires and kowtows to autocrats and dictators. Complaining about Iraq is another deflection, like "Uranium One" or "the FBI Russia dossier", and before that Benghazi! Benghazi! Benghazi! and the 'birther' thing. Trump needs these distractions, the chunks of red meat, to distract his base from realizing how used, how conned, how taken advantage of they really are. Trump is worthless, and throwing the Iraq deal into controversy (again and again) distracts his base from realizing it. Too bad for him, the rest of the world is not fooled.

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    Can someone explain to me why Trump is approving what he called "the worst treaty" ever? His deluded followers voted for him because of his comment and now he's letting it go on. This is more than just one more broken promise. This is the simpleton we all knew before the election. The simpleton who knew no more than the average 3rd grader about foreign affairs.

  • Sandy Frank 🌭

    So now is the deal a "Terrific" deal?

  • GayEGO

    Who knows, certainly not the White House who, by the way, is backing down from denouncing Trump's racist s***hole comment. They are a mess like Trump!

  • JDL51

    Once again, bark but no bite. Keep making all these threats and not carrying them out and pretty soon, no one will pay any attention anymore. This from the clown who whined and cried about Obama's red line, that actually led to an agreement to make Assad and Syria giving up their chemical weapons.

  • John Springer

    Just wintering in Hawaii and received an Emergency Alert about imminent missile attack.Said this is not a drill Spooky! Now withdrawn.

  • My Dimesworth

    Good thing that he has adult supervision.

  • PeterFromDuluth

    This is natural. He knows deep down in his mind that he hates Iran deal only because of "O."

  • Chance Booking

    Trump does not know what is going on or what he is doing.

    He simply watches tv and gets his news and advice from fake Fox News. He will do whatever Fox News on TV tells him to do

  • Winston Jones, Model Citizen

    We are planning war against Iran. Exactly how would YOU go about setting it up? Sometime in the early part of this year, Iran will kill their own people with gas.... and we will be fighting the Saud wars in six countries instead of five. It's like clockwork.


    Saw movie "The Post" last night... eerily similar to current WH situation/occupant...

  • Ctrygrl

    You know President Obama might have gotten a better agreement had it not been for the open support of Republican Senators for the Ayatollah

  • Pologize3


  • Erwin Schrodinger

    There's that red line whooshing past again. In this case it is a good thing, since the other participants all thought the deal should continue - and there was no real reason to end it. But so much for the bluster.

  • Realpshep

    So Trump is just as "guilty" as Obama in keeping this worst deal ever going?

  • bil

    I believe that Trump thinks the rest of us have as feeble a memory and attention span that he seems to have. Kind of like his, 'in two weeks you'll find out' statements that he never follows up on. We'll all forget when he throws another shiny object out that he hopes will distract us. Other nations see him as a paper tiger, nothing more.

  • B-K KnightRider

    It must really chap his hide to have to admit that Iran is complying with the agreement.

  • Guthrum

    It may have something to do with the demonstrations that have been going on.

  • FlorMedDoc

    Our so called president is so out of touch with reality you have to wonder why anyone is still supporting him.

    He has absolutely no idea what he is doing....A reality TV star with the mind of a toddler

  • Tegbessou Géléhéso

    Iran a bastion of hate and destruction... they will destroy any country but their own...

  • TexasVulcan

    Trump's "opinion" changes daily as some different staff member has his ear. Or when they change their minds on Fox and Friends.

    It's obvious to most that this "deal" was a compromise. That's how most diplomacy works. And it's a far better deal than no deal at all.

  • JDL51

    It just kills him to have to admit this was a good deal. If a similar deal could be agreed to with NK, you'd have to be a complete idiot not to jump on it. Unfortunately we have a complete idiot in the White House.

  • Resurrected Smile

    The thing that used to irk me was Trump saying the US "gave" Iran "billions" for the deal when actually that money was Iranian money that was frozen in US banks at the time of the Embassy take over. It wasn't American money. Unless you think keeping that money was somehow OK.

  • Frank Goudy

    The spokespeople for the countries mentioned ought to clean up their own cesspools.

  • Red Hawk

    In the long run Trump is a coward. Fact, of the countries that brokered the deal ( Russia being one) Trump is the only one wanting out. Do I think Vlad gave him a call, does anybody.

  • Blankety Blank

    They tricked Trump, it was the lunch menu for next week he thought he was signing! YAY Chicken nuggets & Coke! Bwahahahahahahahahaha!

  • Rafterman00

    Except that none of our other partners are interested in renegotiating what seems to be working, at the whim of Chump.

  • Educated

    ....He's extending because he knows he should have left it alone in the first place. But oh no, he had to make it look like he was chipping away at an Obama policy. He had to through the uneducated some red meat.