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  • qonc1

    I'll save my applause for the day they don't have to wear those ridiculous robes.

  • ruelph

    The Saudis are always playing both ends against the middle (both sides of the fence), and the U.S. is in the middle (suckers.) They are also the route of many of the problems in the ME.

  • rightened

    I was in the UAE in 1993 with the Navy. The rules for us were: no pants (wear a skirt or dress that goes below the knee), and don't go anywhere without a man with you (no matter how big the group of women). Being near a port town, Dubai, offered us women some luxuries in terms of where we could go--they wanted the tourist dollar, and if women were there and had money, then segregation and sexist rules could be put on hold for the visitors, no problem there!

  • FasterBadger

    They'll be like, "Oh, I thought this was supposed to be football".

  • Would-be Subversive

    The Saudis have truly distinguished themselves from ISIS. The two groups have identical concepts of Sharia, both groups fight the Shia, and the secular countries in the ME... both groups have capricious and cruel executions and religious police that go around and enforce stuff... Both groups are racist, homophobic and sexist... and make the KKK look like a liberal college book club....

    ....but the Saudis are going to allow women to see a soccer match. Just letting you know in case anybody asks you how the Saudis differ from ISIS. We now have an answer.

  • Jay-me Seven

    You know things are bad when segregation is considered a step up.

  • NearFallPoints

    I can see it now: "Yay! We get to watch soccer!"
    Three ours later, score tied at 0-0. "This is the biggest waste of time ever!"