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  • Raider

    If the officers are allowed to sue, then every citizen will have the same right to sue if the prosecutor is unable to prove their case. There was nothing done to these officers that is not done to ordinary citizens that are accused of crimes all across America every day. It is complete BS that this charade has been allowed to continue this long. The lower court Judge should be censured for not throwing the original case out.

  • Keith

    I smell accountability however; I fear justice will not prevail.

  • JuPMod

    It was silly for her to even charge the officers for the death. She even tried to charge the driver, who only drove the vehicle and not on purpose caused the death. It was all an attempt to gain more power and prestige but it backfired on her.

  • conservative banned again

    Mosby is a racist and biased against police officers. She should have been fired,sued, and then jailed for inciting a riot....