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    The issue is the NFL has a rule that insists that the National Anthem is played but only a guideline that suggests players should stand during it, giving it no teeth. Change the rules one way or the other and move on. This is stupid. Most of us just want to watch football. The NFL doesn't have the guts to say to the teams that playing the National Anthem is optional, but standing for it is not.

    I cannot understand what the playing of the national anthem has to do with football. Let's quit marrying patriotism with sports entertainment. It's not the olympics. Its paid entertainment.

  • Loco

    These people have every right to protest with their dollar.

  • Furrmin The Cat

    Did these fans protest when the flag was brought out onto the field and laid out flat? Did they protest when it was not allowed to flow freely? Oh heck no! it is only when minorities exercise their 1st amendment rights that flag courtesy becomes important.
    These people are so fake. It is racism.

  • My Name Is Nobody

    The wives will be happy. Now their husbands won't have an excuse for not paying attention to them.

  • My Name Is Nobody

    That should increase this bar's patronage. The NFL fans will still go there during game times. Or to the bar next door or down the street showing the games. The latter seems a little more likely.

  • Furrmin The Cat

    One bar? They searched high and low and could find just one bar that has cancelled its subscription?
    That's pitiful. And we all know the bar has resubscribed now that the patrons are all going across town.

    News flash " A single bar in "No where USA " is backing Donald Trump as he seeks to prevent minorities from exercising their 1st amendment rights." Film at 11:00,

  • sadie220

    So I wont go to that bar. Is there one around the corner? LMAO for every 100 foot wall there is a 101 foot ladder. There is always a way around things.

  • drathvedar

    Way to go Donnie boy. Really making America great again.

  • Gary Garrison

    NFL players ought to lock arms and stand on one foot placing their one foot to the knee to form the number 4, which would stand for the 3 civil rights workers killed by the KKK in the 60's, and any lynching, mass killing or police shooting to be named. They'd be standing for the flag and still protest social injustice.

  • BassPlyr73 Again

    Since when did supporting the right to peaceful protest, and supporting our flag/veterans/troops/country become mutually exclusive?

    These are strange times we're living in.

  • John

    Does the bar manager or the others drinking worry that the flag brought out on the field horizontally (Against 36 USC) is often paid for by the Department of Defense as a recruiting effort and that the NFL in their great support of the US charges millions of tax payer dollars for this act of patriotism? One would think with all of this hoopla the NFL would honor the soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen without asking Uncle Sam to pay.

  • acebond

    Good riddance. More business for someone else.

  • Dennis Shipman

    As a Veteran, I'm offended and disrespected by their kneeling.

    They exercise their right to disrespect me, I exercise my right to ignore their message.

    You disrespect me, I don't care what your message is, I'm not going to hear it.

    Boycott everything NFL

  • Tylergirl

    Maybe the NFL ticket prices will go down. It is way too expensive.

  • Joei

    I still haven't figured when kneeling in sports became negative. Taking a knee in sports has always been a sign of respect. I guess some people want to make it negative or disrespectful at their convenience. Police brutality has always been a major problem with black people. Social injustice. It's nothing new. They have complained for many, many years and no one listened. And they still aren't listening. So now they have to protest!