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  • Corvus

    "In the old days, we'd just wait for the storms to come and get plenty of beer." No sir. In the old days, you were caught flat-footed and died in lots of 8000 (the Galveston Hurricane of 1900) 2500+ (the 1928 Hurricane) lots of 500 (1935 Labor Day Hurricane) or lots of 800 (1938 New England Hurricane.) Before the Federal Flood Insurance program was passed in 1968, people built in back of, not on the beaches. Most avoided building on barrier islands; they did not put hospitals on spoil heaps, which is what Tampa has done, nor, as Houston has done, did they incentivize development in flood zones. Drive about any town along the east coast of Florida and you'll see what the Flood Insurance Act has done. 1st Street was the original last street along the beach; the 2 to 4 blocks east of that towards the water were developed after the Act was passed because people don't have to worry about bearing the loses by themselves any more. A lot of developers have made a lot of money on the deal, but what are we as a nation going to have to pay for that profit and that sense of entitlement we have that we can build anything we want anywhere we want, regardless that in the long run, water always wins?