Sep 13, 2017, 3:15 PM ET

Trump will sign measure condemning Charlottesville violence, white nationalists: White House


The White House signaled that President Donald Trump plans to sign a joint resolution passed by Congress Tuesday condemning white supremacists, neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan members in the wake of violence sparked by a white nationalist rally last month in Charlottesville, Virginia.

"[The president] looks forward to [signing it] as soon as he receives it," said White House press secretary Sarah Sanders Wednesday.

Sanders added that Trump continues to stand by his response to Charlottesville -- in which he said "both sides" share blame -- even following a month’s worth of pushback from his own party and even members of his Cabinet.

“The president was clear in his initial statement that he condemned hatred, bigotry, racism of all forms,” Sanders said. “He continues to stick to that message. He's been very consistent in that fact.”

The House on Tuesday unanimously approved the bipartisan resolution from Virginia lawmakers condemning the events in Charlottesville, and pushed for Trump to commit his administration's resources to combat hate crimes.

Along with recognizing the death of Heather Heyer, the measure urges Trump to "use all available resources to address the threats posed by those groups," and describes the violence in Charlottesville in August as a "domestic terrorist attack."

It also calls on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to work with the Department of Homeland Security to "thoroughly" investigate actions taken by white supremacist groups to determine if any criminal laws were broken in Charlottesville.

The resolution was introduced by Sens. Mark Warner, D-Virginia, and Tim Kaine, D-Virginia, in the Senate, and endorsed by a bipartisan group of senators. Reps. Tom Garrett, R-Virginia, and Gerry Connolly, D-Virginia, introduced the measure in the House.

Trump has ten days to sign or veto the measure before it becomes law.

News - Trump will sign measure condemning Charlottesville violence, white nationalists: White House

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  • Sejal

    I don't see how this is actually going to achieve anything. What are they going to do with it once he signs it? This is just a dog a pony show.

  • SuthrnbelleTX

    Will that resolution include BLM and Antifa?

  • Frances White

    He'll sign, then undermine it. He and Sessions love these militias. There's been a surge in their creation since the campaign started rolling. This will sell more guns than putting a Democrat in the White House ever did.

  • Leslie Wetter

    I am just taking a back seat to observe. From whence has this 'new' Trump emerged? He's working with Democrats and acknowledging Dreamers. Where did this come from? Did the damage by Irma on his get away on St Martin have anything to do with it? He needs to prove himself 10x and over before I'll consider his actions admirable and his words honest.

  • Dorothy Gears

    These are precisely some of the steps that should be taken concerning domestic terrorism, and kkk and Nazi " sensibilities.But, with treasonous unfit corrupt lunatic trump and his crime cabinet, I'll believe it when I see it!

  • mark donnelly

    Must be tough for Donald to pretend to condemn the crackers who got him elected.

  • AnnieR

    It took a threat from and act of Congress to get him to do so. Don't bother, trump.

  • HelpAmerica

    They need to make sure that every hate group in back on the terror watch list

  • ohyes2011

    Well he really doesn't have any choice does he?

  • supersenior

    Then is birtherism not racist?

  • Matt Durbin

    Good now we can move on from this complete waste of time

  • lousyundead

    John: Nope, i meant stormfront. But thanks for pointing out that other nazi site exist too which put my number even higher. Your "few hundred" was the only inaccurate thing about our discussion

  • miamac63

    Between this and the news about a school shooting in Washington, where they've yet to identify the race of the shooter, racists internet trolls are on pins and needles about now. When controversial and in their favor, they "swarm" the Internet like the pack of wolves they are and fill comment threads with hateful words against ALL black people but when not in their favor.....crickets.

  • lousyundead

    deport the nazi racists.

  • thejazzkickazz

    He's going to sign the document on both sides.

  • lousyundead

    donald trump will sign it. but the racists and nazi's dont care. He already gave them what they wanted.

  • John M. Uscian

    "Trump will sign measure condemning Charlottesville violence, white nationalists: White House": The question is, will Trump sign this resolution with the same fanfare and pride with which he formerly signed those executive orders.

  • b rubble

    "[The president] looks forward to [signing it] as soon as he receives it," said White House press secretary Sarah Sanders Wednesday.
    Yeah yeah Sarah, Donald also said he would be happy to release his tax returns as soon as they were done being audited. So Sarah your basically saying not a chance in hell.

  • JohnC

    Well what about the 'good' white nationalists? ;).

  • OscarBravoUSA .

    Even if Trump approves it, I'm certain it won't make a difference. I have no reason to be optimistic.

  • Conservative_Democrat

    Good luck on getting Trump to sign anything that goes against his Aryan Nation agenda.

  • Snarky Sarcasm "white nationalist" is now a synonym with "white supremicist"... Is there a separate term for non white nationalists, or are they also synonymous with supremicists? It WOULD help our efforts to be non discriminating if we could just lump everybody together as supremicists... no?

  • Ric M

    Not sure what, if anything, this will accomplish aside from Virginia politicians posturing before the media. As other posters have stated, the vast majority of people already condemn what these groups do, and we have a myriad of laws that address their actions. As much as we dislike these groups, there's this little problem: the Constitution grants them the freedom of speech. So will Warner and Kaine next propose the removal of this freedom from our Constitution?

  • Pologize3

    And this will accomplish what exactly?

  • Rudi Stein

    Congress: Na zis are bad, mmmmmkay

  • SpankyHamm

    Congress with the bold step of condemning white supremacists.

    You know what would be a bold step - agreeing to that measure calling for Trump to go through a full mental evaluation to determine if he's fit to remain president.