Sep 12, 2017, 7:37 PM ET

Hope Hicks named permanent White House communications director


The White House on Tuesday announced that Hope Hicks, a longtime aide to President Trump, will serve as assistant to the president and communications director. She had been serving as assistant to the president and interim communications director.

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At 28, she is the youngest White House communications director.

Senior White House sources told ABC News earlier Tuesday that the announcement was forthcoming. The move to make Hick’s role permanent was first reported by Bloomberg.

Hicks was named as the interim communications director in mid-August.

She assumed the interim role when Anthony Scaramucci vacated the post after 11 days on the job.

Hicks has been a member of Trump's inner circle since joining the presidential campaign in 2015 and serving as a spokeswoman. The White House brought her in as director of strategic communications after the inauguration.

News - Hope Hicks named permanent White House communications director

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  • Brian Keele

    She will make a good spokesliar.

  • GGinNC

    They're gonna eat her alive!!!

  • Paulie

    Hopefully she has checked her soul in the cloakroom.

  • george

    Why keep this up if you don't permit commenting?

  • Steven Climer

    She's got a vampire vibe going on. I bet she'll be just fine.

  • Ogrot

    Unless she also has a coke induced gonzo interview with the New Yorker she likely would already be doing a better job than the mooch. But thats a pretty low standard. And trump only has barrel scrapings to choose from.

  • dancer92136

    Does anyone know what here qualifications are? She is beautiful, and poised, but beyond that what is it that makes her qualified for this job?

  • PaulCrozer

    Ok here's the way it works in the Trump White House:
    - If she is competent, she will quit in 2 months.
    - If she is incompetent, she will stay permanently.

  • Jack25

    This us what Trump has come down to? She may be lively and have talent, but she has no experience and no training. Fact is he can't get qualified people to work for him.

  • Lifeishortgetaladder.

    I heard that name all through the campaign..
    "I hope you hicks don't vote for Donald..!
    Anyway... Hope Hicks---- I can't get past the name... the face.. not so shabby.

  • Olorin

    6 weeks, may be 7. permanent in that administration has a different meaning.

  • SummerFan12

    Deeply disappointing that General Kelly let this happen. I thought General Kelly was going to right the ship. Well, despite some very positive corrective measures by Kelly in getting rid of Bannon and Scaramucci, the ship is continuing to veer off course with this decision.

  • inonepeice

    The Apprentice

  • inonepeice




  • Prophet With Honor

    Isn't she one of Ivanka's people?

  • Fred

    aww look, trumps side chick, got a job. she sure looks older than 28, more like 40 ish.

  • Fatesrider

    In Trump's administration, "permanent" is about six to eight months. At that point, the Trump Bus gets someone else to run over.

  • Redd Menace

    "Permanent" in Trump land is at best 5 weeks.

  • thee1truth

    Real headline:
    Creepy Female Trump Republican Accepts Being Grabbed By The P****

    I give her 6 months before she realizes that her career is over unless she bails out of the sinking ship.

  • Krimson

    I thought Twitter was the permanent WH communications director???

  • george

    So....FREE SPEECH/press....what's wrong with saying she looks well qualified?

  • 40acre

    "Permanent" has a whole different meaning on the Trump carousel.

  • helicohunter

    Born in 1989...she's too young to remember when phones had cords or when Michael Jackson looked human.

  • John Smith

    It's amazing how far an individual with little knowledge and no experience can advance in today's White House. Her experience as a member of Ivanka's personal fashion team apparently was setting her up to be the new White House Communications Director. To all those attending University and spending thousands of dollars on a Journalism or Marketing or Communications degree, let this be a lesson to you. Let's face it Hope Hicks is there because no one else wants the job and that the Trumps (Donald and Ivanka) want her there even if she is not qualified. Let's also remember that Trump appointed his golf "Caddy" as the Director of Social Media. That's all we need to know about the required qualifications to be a part of the Trump White House. Reaching new lows is the new standard for this administration.

  • mark donnelly

    "Permanent" is a chuckle, and hardly important since Trump himself probably won't finish his term.

  • katerant

    Just a continuation of filling his positions with know-nothings, amateurs, loudmouths and grifters. I wonder how often he asks her to go get something from that low cabinet over there.

  • pint_of_porter

    Well, 'permanent' is a very subjective term, particularly for Trump's band of neo-fascists.

  • carcar

    Permanent, for now.

  • running33

    She's 28, slim and pretty, a former Ralph Lauren model. Exactly the type of woman Trump likes to have around him. I'm guessing she'll stay as long as she wants.

  • Holmes

    Fluent inTrumpanzeese?

  • george

    Well, she looks qualified.

  • chase badger

    High cheek bones. That must be her qualification. Then again, maybe she's brilliant and looks and actions are deceiving.

  • runton

    You really have to sell your soul to willingly spin the endless lies of this administration

  • BD70

    With all these "wise" top level people around him what could go wrong?

  • Pi_Boson

    A permanent position is simply a word used to describe someone that formally accepted a position with deplorable.

  • Pi_Boson

    Welcome to Donald Trump's America: 8-Year-Boy Was Nearly Lynched In New Hampshire, and I hear that Hope Hicks' nephew was in on this.

  • Prophet With Honor

    At 28 I thought I was a hotshot. College degree, tour as a combat Marine, solid marriage, management job, political/social connections, and so on.
    I see in retrospect that about once a week someone with more experience (and gray hair) showed me how much more I had to learn.
    I think she needs Yoda.

  • Gorge Don

    What's the over/under in Vegas on this "permanent" appointment?

  • J.R.

    Maybe just a rumor, but could Hope Hicks be Donald's current plaything????

  • E’Clair

    I see.
    They hired a "permanent" Communication's Director who herself just hired an attorney because she might be called to discuss questionable actions by Trump and his gang.

    Of course: Subtle bribery with a "permanent" job

  • Prophet With Honor

    She will be secure up until somebody says Trump has absolute trust in her, after that about 4 days.

  • mik8888

    It seems kinda redundant to have a communication director, a press secretary, a director of "strategic communication", several "spokes people", etc...I guess they need lots of people to handle the many different stories we always get on every subject that comes up...

  • mrphilbert

    They "Hope" she can lie with a straight face.

  • mrphilbert

    A communications director that is too shy to get in front of a camera. Would that make her the chief lie director?

  • mrphilbert

    I see what they did there. They used the words "white house" (this one anyway) and "permanent". Isn't that like saying the ocean is arid?

  • M Coffey

    Trump has been too busy running for re-election to do any work NOW! This took way too long.

  • lousyundead

    I hope she doesnt screw up.

  • Benedict Donald

    This is all part of a necromantic spell whereby Kellyanne can steal Hope's youth, before returning to her crypt for another 500 years or so.

  • Abron

    Don't get comfortable, Hope.

  • StillThatSameGuy

    Is there a pool set up in Vegas yet?

  • j penske

    All right... how long do we give her ? But keep in mind, Trump has full confidence in her, LOL.

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    In the dysfunctional Trump WH, Permanent = 2 Months or most likely 2 Weeks

  • Pologize3

    Permanent? That's funny. Nothing is permanent with this administration.

  • lousyundead

    I "hope" she makes it passed the first few weeks. shes just another "yes girl" to keep trump happy. get ready to lie, hope!