WJBK news opens

The following video features various news and talent opens from WJBK in Detroit from 1983 to present. Here's what you can see in this video: (0:13-1:19) ...

WJBK Detroit 1979 Promos

Two terrific promos from WJBK Detroit, first a high energy Eyewitness News promo followed by a history piece ending in the tagline 2 Together.

WJBK ID 1986

Here is the 1986 station ID for Detroit's Fox affiliate WJBK-TV Channel 2, while it was still an affiliated CBS station.

WGPR bits; WJBK switch to Fox 1994

In 1994, Channel 2 in Detroit switched their affiliation from CBS to Fox; this meant CBS had to find a new station in Detroit -- and fast. Eventually, they settled on ...